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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 31st March 2009
Day 497
Date of death April 2018 (estimated)
Residence London
Sex Male
Faith Bobloism
Newspaper Tails of Pride Rock
33rd President of the United Kingdom
26th July 2011 – 6th September 2011
Preceded by Jamesw
Succeeded by Kevy Shabado
Deputy Prime Minister of The United Kingdom
6th October 2010 – 6th November 2010
Served under GGRyan
Preceded by GGRyan
Succeeded by Kevy Shabado
6th December 2010 – 6th January 2011
Served under Jhorlin
Preceded by Kevy Shabado
Succeeded by John Forseti
Minister of Defence of the United Kingdom
6th August 2012 – 6th October 2012
Preceded by BigAnt
Succeeded by Count Drakula
Minister of Home Affairs of the United Kingdom
10th August 2010 – 6th October 2010
Preceded by Robalbinio
Succeeded by Dodgy Dude
Minister of Legislative Affairs of the United Kingdom
6th January 2012 – 6th February 2012
Preceded by Sir Humphrey Appleby
Succeeded by Lightning43
Cabinet Secretary of the United Kingdom
6th March 2010 – 6th April 2010
Preceded by Nice Guy Eddie
Succeeded by Steve Steinbeck
6th June 2010 – 6th July 2010
Preceded by Steve Steinbeck
Succeeded by Sir Humphrey Appleby
Party President of the British Empire Party
16th May 2009 – 16th June 2009
Preceded by JayTune95
Succeeded by JayTune95
16th December 2009 – 16th January 2010
Preceded by Lemuel Gengulfus
Succeeded by Devioux
Party President of the UK Reform Party
16th November 2010 – 16th January 2011
Preceded by Certacito
Succeeded by Michael Crookes
16th June 2012 – 16th August 2012
Preceded by Sir Humphrey Appleby
Succeeded by John Rupert Miranda
Congress member of the United Kingdom
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Aviator 5.png Aviator*****

Lionbeard is a former President of the United Kingdom Government.



Lionbeard has been working in Ministries for most of his e-life. When he first started he focused mainly on the Foreign and Home Ministries and occasionally working in the Ministry of Work. After several months as either an Ambassador, Apprentice or Under Minister Lionbeard became the Cabinet Secretary under Karacticus which was a position that organised Cabinet meetings and sorted out contracts. After a month as this he returned back into working for Ministries. After another few months, he was called back to become the Cabinet Secretary for Mr Woldy but since there were no contracts on Erepublik anymore he just had to focus on organising meetings and gathering reports to release.

Again he returned back to working in Ministries but when John Bartlett was elected, Lionbeard was made the Minister for Communications which was a Sub-Ministry in the parent Ministry, the Ministry of Home Affairs. On the 10th August, four days into being the Minister for Communications, he was made the Minister of Home Affairs due to the then Minister Robalbinio having problems with his computer. Lionbeard continued as the Minister of Home Affairs into a second month under jamesw's Cabinet.

GGRyan announced his intention to run for Country President for the October 2010 election. In the days following the announcement, Lionbeard was asked if he'd be happy to serve as GGRyan's Deputy Prime Minister. Accepting the offer, he worked with him during his election campaign, GGRyan was successfully elected into the position of President after receiving 151 votes (42.42%), winning by 55. GGRyan ran for re-election with Lionbeard as his Deputy again, however jamesw won the election. In the December 2010 Country President Election, Jhorlin ran for President with him as his choice for Deputy Prime Minister. Jhorlin won the election with 273 votes (40.99%). In January 2011 he once again was chosen as Deputy Prime Minister by the UK Reform candidate Sir Humphrey Appleby. Frerk won the election winning by 58 votes.

In July 2011, Lionbeard ran for President with the support of UK Reform. In the election he faced jamesw, the incumbent President who was supported by Every Single One, The Unity Party and The APP. The results finished in the election with jamesw winning with 53.26% (351 votes) of the votes, while Lionbeard received 27.62% (182 votes). He lost the election by a margin of 169 votes. Due to the Impeachment of jamesw, he decided to take this opportunity and run for President. Throughout the election Lionbeard led before finishing on 323 votes (50.16%), winning the election. He won by 186 votes, with Horice G Fossil finishing second and McAfee01 in 3rd.

Lionbeard returned to Ministerial politics with his appointment to the position of Minister of Legislative Affairs in January 2012 under the Presidency of Kravenn. He returned to Government under BigAnt when he became the Minister of Defence in August 2012. He continued in this role during the term of Magic Hereos the following month, and put in place the reforms that Magic Hereos had planned.


On the 26th July 2011, jamesw was impeached from the Presidency after a Congress agreement. Due to the impeachment, Lionbeard who was the runner up in the election, became the 33rd President of the United Kingdom. Although this part of his term was only short, it was moderately successful with a Training War with Belgium set up, a Town Centre Scheme introduced and continued UK dominance over Ireland. It was not until he won the next election and continued his term did things begin to change quite drastically.

The Training War with Belgium continued for another 2 weeks, but was stopped due to the upcoming Congress Elections and an increasingly restless Ireland. The government was keeping Ireland as a country instead of wiping them to ensure that not only does the country benefit from the fruit bonus, but Natural Enemy as well. Soon however things took a turn for the worst and when the region Mayo was hit, a combined EDEN and Terra effort managed to win Ireland the battle, losing the UK initiative. From then on things went from bad to worse, with all regions in Ireland liberated within the next few days. After they were a whole country again they attacked Northern Ireland, succeeding there as well. Now they moved onto Wales, and after winning there hit the West Midlands. By now Resistance Wars were appearing, with some being successful, however, the Irish continued their push and hit the South East of England. Now that they had taken this region, they boarded the region of London, one of the few regions never to have fallen. They hit London, the fourth time in its history, but through plenty of help, the UK managed to secure the region. With initiative back and all of its original regions secure, the UK pushed on to reclaim fruits. By the end of the term, the UK held the Irish regions of Louth and Shannon.

Most of what he had outlined in his manifesto was completed, with a few notable exceptions. One of these was the government site, something which was intended to be a key part of the term. Unfortunately, it wasn't completed in time for the end of this term, nor was the forum newsletter due to a few problems. The term itself went relatively smoothly and, despite the struggles with Ireland, fairly successful.


Lionbeard has been a Congress member totalling fifteen times. Although losing two elections beforehand, he won his first Congress election with 11 votes in August 2009. Afterwards, he won again with 14 votes and for a third time, with 11 votes. In the January 2010 elections, Lionbeard ran as a candidate for the British Empire Party in London and received 85 votes, the third highest in the United Kingdom that month. After the disbandment of the British Empire Party, he ran for Congress in the United Kingdom Reform Party, he was elected in London. After going several months without running for Congress, he decided to run for Congress in November 2010 in London. He was successfully elected as a Wildcard.

On the 25th June 2011 Lionbeard returned to Congress after successfully being elected in the East of England with 9 votes, he returned for a second consecutive term in the East of England receiving 9 votes. His 10th term in Congress was short lived due to the Presidential Election win, meaning he was only a Congress Member for 10 days. After some time out, he returned to politics by being elected in a Congress Seat for the region of Wales. Lionbeard unsuccessfully ran for Congress in Northern Ireland for the first elections since the UK had been wiped. Lionbeard was re-elected in May 2012 in London, achieving the fourth highest votes in the country. He was elected again as a Congress Member in London in August 2012.

Lionbeard was elected as a member of the UK Reform Party in September 2012, the first Congress election where the old system was replaced by a proportional representational system.


Lionbeard has been the party president of the British Empire Party twice. In his first term as party president, the number of members in The British Empire Party more than tripled. Lionbeard also created an external party forum which was the main reason for the parties success. When he first became party president he created a mini 'Cabinet'. The group of members in mini 'Cabinet' helped the growth of the party greatly, this was another reason for The British Empire Party's early success. When his term finished, The British Empire Party had gone from 30 members to 100, gaining 70 members in one month.

He then became Party president again after the December '09 elections. He received 79 votes, winning by 50 votes (60.77%). Soon after Devioux was elected as Party President (January '10), the party was removed, although the reasons are still unknown. Lionbeard, along with many other party members moved to the United Kingdom Reform Party after a week with no signs of the party coming back. However, the party returned a few days later but he and the other members that had moved felt that the British Empire Party was now finished and should be left to drop out of the top 5 political parties. Some prominent members like Lemuel Gengulfus stayed on however and tried to bring the party back but have so far been unsuccessful.

Lionbeard has been part of the United Kingdom Reform Party since the dissolution of the British Empire Party. In the November 2010 Party Elections, Lionbeard ran for Party President of the party and was contending against lap12345. He won a clear victory receiving 29 votes, 78.38% of the total votes cast. Lionbeard ran for a second term the following month and won again by a clear majority, this time receiving 30 votes (93.75%). On 15th June 2012, Lionbeard was elected to a third term as Party President of the UK Reform Party. For the July 2012 elections, he ran for a second consecutive term for the UK Reform Party. He received 40 votes (72.73%), and won the election. This was the fourth time in total he had been Party President of the party.


This soldier has been awarded the King's Commendation for Valuable Service by the eUK Military.

Soldier & Minor Command

Lionbeard first started his military career with the Royal Guard. During his time in the Royal Guard, he had been promoted to Corporal surprisingly three times. During his first time as a Corporal, the Royal Guard went under a reshuffle. He was then quickly promoted again to Corporal only to find out that the whole Royal Guard was to be reset. After the reset, he was once again a Corporal, but not for long. It was disbanded a few weeks later, leaving him in no military branch.

After being out of the military for some time due to being in Congress, he decided to join the stationary ship, HMS Westminster (Previously HMS Daedalus) in the Royal Navy, designed for citizens that were unable to move abroad. After about one month in service to the ship, he was promoted to Lieutenant. After a month as Lieutenant, he was promoted to Captain of HMS Westminster. He continued to serve as the Captain for several months before he decided not to run for Congress again and so was moved to a different ship but for only a short time as he was swiftly moved to the Special Forces Support Group. After his time in the Royal Navy, Lionbeard moved into the Special Forces Support Group. For just over a month he served in this branch before having to leave due to needing to work in a company for the Ministry of Home Affairs to help the Gifting Hub in which he was Under Minister for at the time.

After finishing a months work in the Gifting Hub company, he moved back into the military. This time however, it was the SAS he joined. In the SAS, he was part of the 22 SAS Armoured Regiment which is for people that chose to be a tank when Erepublik Rising was released. After a while, the Military Command decided to merge the SAS into the British Army. After spending some time in the UK Special Forces, he took up a position as a Colonel in the Autobots branch, in charge of the regiment Aerialbots.

In the British Army he was part of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers and was promoted to Major, the rank below Lt. Colonel. After around a month in this position, it was announced that the then Lt. Colonel James Woosh was leaving the game, promoting Lionbeard to Lt. Colonel.

On the 27th January 2011, the Royal Navy was brought back into the military along with the RAF. Lionbeard took up the position as a Captain on the HMS Tom Morgan ship.

Higher Command

Lionbeard has been awarded an honour of the Member of the British eRepublik Empire by the United Kingdom Honours Committee

Shortly after joining the newly reformed military, Lionbeard was promoted yet again to serve as a Staff Officer (Brigadier) in the newly formed Army Reserves in the Thunder Regiment. Due to changes in the army though, he was moved to the newly created UK Special Forces.

After a reform took place in the Royal Navy, the Navy became one whole group of people with no individual ships. This promoted Lionbeard to the position of Commodore. Lionbeard moved back to the British Army on the 5th July 2011 after being offered the Commanding Officer position, Major General. He accepted the job and served in the position until jamesw was impeached from the position of Presidency. Lionbeard resigned from his position as Major General to become the 33rd UK President. Once his term had finished as President, he moved into the Commanding Officer position of the Royal Navy, Rear Admiral. He would later resign due to time constraints.

On the 6th June 2012, Lionbeard was one of two people chosen to serve as a Deputy Minister of Defence within the British Army. This was to be his first position in military command since he had resigned the position of Rear Admiral several months previous. Later in the month, his position of Deputy Minister of Defence was re-named to Master-General of the Ordnance. He was awarded the KCVS for his role. Lionbeard became the Minister of Defence in August 2012. He continued in this position for a second term before stepping down following the September Presidential election.

Last known military position

His last known military posting was as Commander of R.O.A.R. military unit.

Military Ranks

British Army Major General British Army Reserve Brigadier, Thunder Regiment British Army Colonel, Aerialbots British Army Lieutenant Colonel, 9th/12th Royal Lancers British Army Major, 9th/12th Royal Lancers Royal Navy Rear Admiral Royal Navy Commodore Royal Navy Captain, HMS Westminster & HMS Tom Morgan Royal Navy Lieutenant, HMS Westminster Royal Guard Corporal

Military Decorations

Textured ribbon - Order of the British eRepublik Empire - Military.pngBritish Army Service Medal‎United Kingdom Special Forces Service Medal‎Special Forces Service Medal‎Special Forces Support Group Service MedalRoyal Navy Service Medal‎Royal Guards Service Medal‎New England Campaign MedalSecond Eastern European Campaign MedalWestern European Campaign MedalGreat British Campaign MedalUlster Campaign MedalAmazon Campaign MedalValhalla Campaign MedalIreland - Canada Campaign MedalEast Asian Campaign Medal
Gold award star Textured ribbon - Second Great British Campaign.png
UK - Terra 5th Great War MedalSecond Invasion of Ireland Campaign MedalColonial Expansion Campaign Medal


Lionbeard is the editor of the Tails of Pride Rock, a title which unstupid came up with. The newspaper had 190 subscribers, making it the 67th most subscribed newspaper in the United Kingdom. The newspaper was formerly called the United Express and The Express. Unfortunately, at some point, Lionbeard deleted all articles from the newspaper.


Lionbeard has always been a devout Bobloist since he first encountered its glory. Occasionally venturing into Bob Boblo's House and having bursts of activity, he often would then stop going in that section of the eUK Forum for a few months. In April 2011 Lionbeard returned to Bob Boblo's House just before Pope Temujin I was impeached. Shortly after the newly elected Pope McAfee I was impeached, Pope Maddog I chose Lionbeard as one of his Preferati. Though the following day Pope Maddog I was proposed for impeachment and subsequently impeached. The election for the new Pope was between Lionbeard, Invalidation and Painkiller789. Lionbeard won the election and became Pope Daniel I on the 27th April 2011 with his two Preferati being Invalidation and Mr Bull.

He was impeached as Pope on the 30th May 2011, just over 1 month as the Pope of Bobloism. The main reason was his loss of enthusiasm after Maddog Jones leaked a spam raid to the targeted forum, though in retaliation Maddog was banned from doing anything in Bob Boblo's House and declared a Dioist. Lionbeard's successor was Invalidation who was one of his serving Preferati throughout his term as Pope. Due to his skills in finding Dioists, Lionbeard was made Dio-Founder General of the Spamican Inquisition, where he discovered several Dioists lurking in the House of Bob.

Government offices
Preceded by
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
26th July 2011 - 6th September 2011
Succeeded by
Kevy Shabado
Religious titles
Preceded by
Pope Maddog I
Pope of Bobloism
27th April 2011 - 30th May 2011
Succeeded by
Pope Invalidation I

Other Achievements