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:'''Minister of Defence:''' [[c05tel]]
:'''Minister of Defence:''' [[c05tel]]
:'''Minister of Foreign Affairs:''' [[MsCarmen]], [[GeluRomanu]]
:'''Minister of Foreign Affairs:''' [[MsCarmen]], [[GeluRomanu]]
:'''Governor of National Bank:''' [[Alexamy]]
:'''Governor of National Bank:''' Alexamy
'''''Second term'''''
'''''Second term'''''
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::'''Vice-Minister - responsible for [[Ajutorul Legionar]]:''' [[Gooffree]]
::'''Vice-Minister - responsible for [[Ajutorul Legionar]]:''' [[Gooffree]]
:'''Minister of Education and Director of Welcoming Committee:''' [[Griss0m]]
:'''Minister of Education and Director of Welcoming Committee:''' [[Griss0m]]
::'''Vice-Minister:''' [[evilgod]], [[Alexamy]]
::'''Vice-Minister:''' [[evilgod]], Alexamy
:'''Minister of Public Information:''' [[JamesParker]]
:'''Minister of Public Information:''' [[JamesParker]]
::'''Vice-Minister:''' [[Victor Gheorghe]]
::'''Vice-Minister:''' [[Victor Gheorghe]]
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:'''Minister of Defence:'''  
:'''Minister of Defence:'''  
:'''Minister of Foreign Affairs:'''  
:'''Minister of Foreign Affairs:'''  
:'''Governor of National Bank:''' [[RoLitoral]]
:'''Governor of National Bank:''' {{eLink|citizen|481011|RoLitoral}}

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Presidency of Romania
Government of Romania

"President in function, Stefan.cel.Mare
since 6 August 2015"

General Information
Country RomaniaRomania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.png Bucharest, Cotroceni Palace
Established December 2007
Newspaper Monitorul Oficial
Part of Government of Romania
President of Romania Stefan.cel.Mare
Prime-Minister ionutzd

Palatul Victoria - Government of Romania

The Government of Romania (Romanian: Guvernul României) is the executive branch and it is headed the President of Romania. The President of Romania can delegate the Prime-Minister/Vice-President to be the head of Government. The seat of the Romanian Government is at Victoria Palace in Bucharest.

The role of the Government is sanctioned by the Constitution and by relevant laws. The Government exercises "general leadership of the public administration", elaborates strategies to implement the government platform, exercises legislative initiative, negotiates international treaties, represents the Romanian state both internally and externally and presents information and documents to the Parliament as requested.

The Government answers exclusively to Parliament, both through compulsory information of Parliament and through questions, interpellations and inquiry committees. The Parliament may carry a simple motion with regards to the subject matter of an interpellation. In extreme cases, the Parliament may vote a motion of censure, withdrawing it's confidence and forcing the Government to resign.

The following page lists how the Romanian Government has been formed from month to month. Presidents decide what ministry should exist and their name, after his/her the election.








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