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Icon-France.png France

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Lorraine
Map of the region
Capital Metz
Language English, French y Español

Last update: 16/02/2014

Lorraine is an original region of France. Its capital is Metz.


Lorraine is neighbored by following regions:


The region Lorraine's main resource is Icon - Iron.png Iron.


The following lists the mayors of Lorraine/Metz in chronological order:

Date Term Began Mayor Party
21 December 2008 Papa Frantz unknown
21 January 2008 Papa Frantz unknown
21 February 2008 Papa Frantz unknown
21 March 2008 Papa Frantz unknown
21 April 2008 Papa Frantz unknown
21 May 2008 unknown
21 June 2008 unknown
21 July 2008 unknown
21 August 2008 unknown
21 September 2008 Hari Seldom Independants d'E-Republik