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Medal - Military Cross.png I, Admiral of the Fleet R.R. Napier, President of the Military Honours Committee, hereby award lotfire the Military Cross as conferred by the United Kingdom Military Honours Committee.


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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 22 January 2008
Residence Split, South Dalmatia
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 0.png Squadron Leader

Lotfire is a former Lyon, France and Antwerp, Belgium citizen who moved to London after the merger with UK.

Political Career

e-London councillor under the mandate of the greatest and most beautiful mayor ever seen in e-Republik: piperbunny.

Member of the House of Lord.

Member of War Council.

Advisor of the Minister of Defence.

eUK Minister of Defence since day 624

Economic Career


Lotfire worked in the housing industry from his very first day in eRepublik.

He suffered a lot from bad managers so his housing skill wasn't as high as it should be. Then the good days had come with Belgium merger with the UK where he switched from a company to another depending after returning from fights before establishing at Brick's & Becks, the Q3 housing company where the only goal was to help UK citizens get a nice house at a really reasonable price.

Beside managing several companies, Lotfire offers his skill to start-up companies in need of highly skilled workers at a minimum salary.


With the help of the great Bud Spencer, he became General Manager in September and co-owner in October. Since V1 he also became the owner of Q2 woods companies in the UK and he was a part of the CCCP group as a board member and Treasurer. He was also a member of the eUK Housing Union, a manager of a Q3 wood company in the UK, a Q3 diamonds company in Indonesia which only was selling to the UK and its allies, with the sole aim to give high-quality products at the lowest price for the benefit of every UK Company and Citizens.

He was also in charge of Investors Ltd companies Q5 housing & Tescoe.

Military Career

1st Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal, General and War Hero in the UK History.

Paratrooper duties

eUK paratrooper since May 26th - May 26, 2008

eUK SAS-Elite Squad (leader for 4 months)



Left the eUK Army on erep day 588 (Jun 30, 2009).

Military Rewards & Honours

  • Hero of Lower Normandy battle
  • Hero of Picardy 2nd battle
  • Victoria Cross