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Minoan Legions.jpg

Σήμερα είναι Κυριακή!
Today it's Sunday!

General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Colors Blue and White
Access policy Invite only access
Type Elite unit
Total Soldiers 106
Commanded by ggeorgex
2nd Commander d1m1tr1os

MINOAN LEGIONS (simply known as Minoan) is a Flag-Greece.jpg Greek military unit.

It's one of the oldest and strongest military unit's of Greece, with several active and strong players in both ground and air battles. It is an elite unit, with several top placings in the weekly leaderboards.

It's known for being well organized and cool/relaxing/troll-ish at the same time. Several players prefer it over anything else. Also, Mykonos. o69

In the older days, Minoan also had a second unit, named Minoan Legions Academy, used as academy for new players and players with low rank.

Minoan has its own Discord server.