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This article contains the religious views of Dioism. (What's this?)


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Marriages within eRepublik are unions upheld by Contracts, and acted upon however the married couple sees fit. In Dioism, there are two options for a Dioist to pledge his love to Dio Brando: one is to join his harem, and the other is to become a Medic.

The Harem of Dio Brando

The traditional way of marrying Dio Brando involves writing a contract and inviting Him to sign it, and then having a pastor sign it. Many citizens have married Dio in this manner, including former president of Denmark Grev Per.

By marrying Dio, one accepts eternal peace and safety, in exchange of an undying vow of loyalty.

An example of this holy matrimony can be seen here, where Epheral opts to join Dio's harem.

The Doctor is In

Another option to pledge your love to Dio is to become a Pakistani Sexy Medic. To do so, one must seek the approval of either Senor Schlong or Dr. Tanner, known colloquially as "The Sexiest of Sexy Medics". They will then test you for your medical prowess and pride in your lineage, and hire you at their hospital, The Doctor is In.

As a Medic, one is to pledge eternal /v/irginity, as well as an obligation to give Dio Brando an übercharge when required.