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Nationality Flag-India.jpg Indian
Date of birth 24 March, 2009
Day 490 of the New World
Date of death November 2009
Residence Orissa
Sex Male
Congress member of India
Jul – Oct 09
Minister of Internal Affairs (MoIA) of India
July – Sept 09
Minister of Expansion (MoX) of India
Aug – Sept 09
Succeeded by Srachit
Party president of India United
15 Aug – 24 Oct 09
Preceded by ArjaaAine
Succeeded by Jelly9473
Prime Minister of India
Sept – Oct 09
Head of Congress of India
Sep – Oct 09
Military rank Icon rank Major***.png Major***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

maverick10, was a citizen of India, born on 490th New World Day.

He was a member of India United party program, functioned in the Indian Cabinet and as Press director of eIndia & The World. Although he has functioned quite actively in politics, his role as columnist is probably his most prominent. His articles, deep and intellectual are always trying to reveal new aspects of the New World. Two articles have been selected by Admin as quite important for eRepublik Media:

Mav, as he is affectionately called by the e-Organics, is the Initiator of DODGE (Diabolical Order of Dodgy Geeks of Ethika), playing by the principles of Respect and Honor, and seeks to balance game mechanics elements and the community aspect of eRepublik.

Mav's first persona however displayed code errors in late October 09 & was rejected by Admin. This programming error almost ended Mav. However a piece of in-built code dictated that he could not abandon fellow eIndian organics at a crucial juncture. And thus Mav V2 was assembled as maverick10 Dodge Knight.


Simultaneous to his military exploits, Mav also served as diplomat in the Indian Congress fulfilling varied responsibilities. Mav found special interest in serving in Internal Affairs under Shail, first as Trainee (under Arya Bhatt) and then as Minister (MoIA). In Shail's 2nd term, Mav also served as Minister of Expansion (MoX), taking the then fledgling population to 600 citizens.

Under the leadership of UgoRaffaele Mav was designated Prime Minister. It was also in Ugo's term, that Mav initiated work on eIndia's first (post-Independence War) Constitution along with Ugo, Arjaa, Sumit, Vigi, Pheenic, Gendun, & Ashwamedh. It is still a work in progress.

When kansarasumit took over as President, Mav continued as Prime Minister (or Home Minister; title of designation is disputed as per different accounts), entrusted with overseeing various aspects of governance.

As Minister, Mav has initiated many programs, including Be Active Build India, Active Citizens Do Respond, and others.

India United, Party president

A united India has always been the goal & vision of India United, India's first and for quite sometime only party. India United was Mav's natural choice & platform for all his terms in the Indian Congress. Moreover, under the Party President-ship of ArjaaAine, and further in his own term, Mav played a central role in formulating IU's Party Manifesto. With the emergency of the PTO threat however, the Manifesto as well as India United's role as leading party has been set aside for the sake of national security.

Head of Congress

Having served 3 terms in Congress, and due to his Droid capabilities, Mav was elected Head of Congress (designation known as Congress Chairman), overseeing that Congress followed Congress Rules.

Anti-Take-Over Task Force

Since September 2009, India has been under constant threat of Political Take Over (PTO, by foreign powers. Using illegal means (multiple accounts) Mafia (Iranian), Serbian, and even Channers (group of programmers) have been trying to Take Over Congress & the Country President elections. Right from the onset of these attacks, Mav had been part of and at times central to the ATO efforts, organizing voters, and coordinating Voting at crunch hours, alongside other active Indians. This has been a crucial role played by Mav and others in ensuring eIndia's existence on the map.

Voice: Media

eRepublik Media has been at the core of Mav's existence. Writing articles, taking feedback, interacting with fellow Media-personnel has been Mav's forte. It truly is Mav's Voice. Mav's very first article was a call to liberate West Bengal, his home region. Titled Joy Bangla!!!, it was upon kansarasumit's encouragement that it was published under the AHF newspaper, Battlefield's Nightingale!

India & The World

First published on Day 613, Mav's first article was also probably one of his most acclaimed ones. The Philosophy of India ~ Respect has garnered more than 900 votes, though being a newbie at that point Mav made the mistake of publishing the article in ALL nations. While the article gained him over 500 subscribers, having spammed out their subscription alerts, he also lost 90% of the them at one go!

In spite of the initial setback, Mav continued to write insightful articles, and the paper was soon among the top newspapers in eIndia at that time.

Some of the key articles of eIndia & The World are:


Dodgy Order of Diabolical Geeks of Ethica

DODGE was founded at a critical period in Indian history (Day 653), when the nation was being wrecked by internal strife, and Citizens were just taking everything TOO seriously! The basis of the DODGE Order is of course RESPECT, and realizing the true nature of the New World.

While there is no official organization, member's list or newspapers dedicated to the DODGE Order, based on the response of Mav's friends & associates, who lived by the same rules, around 30 members were 'initiated' into the Order. The dream of formulating a structure for DODGE remains Mav's vision to date.

The Tablets of DODGE can be found here:

Mav has always lived & acted on the basis of these principles.


Neutralism & Respect has been Mav's calling card. Essentially its the determination to remain Independent, a Genuine Ally to all nations & Stand Alone in a world ruled by shifting agendas and conditional alliances.

Mav believes that it is as much rewarding to be your own keeper, as much as it is to be in alliances. To not depend on anyone, neither seek to over-ride anyone else's authority, that should be the hallmark of a true 'Neutral' nation.

STANDING ALONE does not however mean BEING alone. It is to build a community, with RESPECT & NEUTRALITY as its creed. It means, each Citizen works with their government, not like a hierarchy, but as a team of equals, dedicated individuals, with a common goal, a vision that percolates from the leaders to the newbies. It means developing a strong & stable economy; a Military that can aid any nation in need; and most importantly strong bond of friendship with Nations all over the World; and to be counted as a most respected, dignified, & strong Nation of the World.

Neutralism is where allies are not based on conditions and clauses in some contract, but a personal bond between the people of the Nations itself. Neutralism is when internal or international decisions are not ruled by conditions set forth by other nations.

Building such a Nation has been Mav's credo & vision, and he pursues it to this day in his efforts in eIndia.

His Ideology is summed up in his saying:




Indian IRC: maverick10 / silentobserver / PizzaBoy