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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth December 7, 2008
Date of death 2012 (est)
Residence East Midlands, United Kingdom
Sex Female!!!
Congress member of UK
June 26, 2009 – August 25, 2009
Military rank Icon General.jpg V1 General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 I didn't think it was possible to disgust me even more than you [already] have.

Well done, you've broken a record. 

(Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar)
 I feel violated 
(Lee Richards)

General Meghan Stats

A former resident of Florida and (for a brief stay) Colorado in the USA, a former resident of Wales in the UK and current resident of the East Midlands. Former soldier turned Sergeant turned Colonel of the US National Guard. Publisher, director, and author of the controversial newspaper, ePlaygirl.

She was a recurring member of Bob Boblo's House and has been awarded the title 'Pope's Whore' for her services to the Pope.


Meghan began the game as a rather clueless, but always vocal noob, eventually working her way up in the ranks through the National Guard and the UCP (later titled the UIP). She had attempted to ruCongressngress twice and failed both times, thus angering her the point where she was forced to move from the safety of the USA to the dark, terrifying world of the UK. She has become vocal where ever she goes, including the UK where she is considered an "eCelebrity" on the UK forums and is also known as the resident female American, although rumor has it that she really has a ten-inch penis and is a 60-year-old pedofile (see here). These rumors are mostly spread due to her incessant sex and masturbation speak on the forums. Though many of the posters have attempted to remove Meghan from the UK entirely, she does not let up easily and has become known as a permanent fixture of the portion of the forums referred to as "Bob Boblo's House".

Meghan has become most well known for her filthy mind and this has shown through her editions of ePlaygirl (which feature semi-nude pictures of both naked men and women strewn about throughout articles which tend to be serious in nature) her various posts on the in-game forums, her various posts on the UK forums, and a few of her posts on the USA forums (though the moderators on these forums tend to be able to keep her in line).

Political Persuasions

Meghan's political persuasions vary according to the country. In the USA she was a loyal member of the UCP (later known as the UIP) and was quite involved in the forums and elections, supporting candidates such as Justinious for president with her Newspaper. In the UK, she joined the MDU fairly quickly after being told that it was one big "meat-fest". She has since supported Oexis for Prime Minister of the UK and CV James for MDU Party President. Meghan is generally pro-war at all costs and supported the controversial USA war with Mexico, going so far as to moving back to Florida for a time just to fight for the USA. She was also a member of People's Communist Party (2 mandates in UK Congress) and UKRP (1 unsuccessful candidacy for Congress).

Meghan is also a loyal member of the Umbrella Research Corporation. She is active on their forums as she is on all other forums. Through the Umbrella Research Corporation, she has made amends with a long-time enemy, The Supernatural (or as she affectionally refers to him as Supah) and is free to hit on DonKeedick as she pleases.

Married Life

All this trash talk landed her an eHusband Aether, who hails from the West Midlands of the UK. Together the two of them have had a pretty smooth marriage, most of their ups and downs being between the sheets.

Her move to the Philippines

She moved to the Philippines where she ran for Congress in Mindanao, she received 3 votes and was elected into Congress in Mindanao. She was active in the Philippines forums, often spouting innuendo like some sort of innuendo machine.

Meghan's Favorite Persons

As eRepublik is mostly a social game for Meghan, her favorite persons were very important to her. On the IRC chat, if you were not a familiar person and you had the displeasure of encountering her, you would undoubtedly be repeatedly asked who you are, and why you are talking to her, even if you had established who you are on previous occasions.

Aether: As her husband, he deserved the first spot on this list. Though all that come after Aether are not labeled "most favorite" to "least favorite" or in any particular order. Aether regularly defended Meghan on the in-game forum. The two shared quite an intimate relationship with each other.

DaRuler: Who could blame her at all, he was her hot Filippino Pool Boy

Divinitywolf: He was her superior in the Philippine Army and this means that Meghan refers to him as 'Daddy'

DonKeedick: The two began chatting with each other when Meghan first began the game and have stayed "friends" since. Meghan jokingly hit on Don on the Umbrella Research Corporation forums, with talk of her being his secretary... in all honesty, Don doesn't have enough money to pay Meghan for her "services"

Emerick: Enough said. Emerick's constant spam and general dry humor mixed in with a few intellectual comments were enough for Meghan to find him to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Justinious: Meghan has written an entire article in ePlaygirl about Justinious being her "Personal eRepublik Jesus". Justinious has saved Meghan on eRepublik many times. He is the sole reason that Meghan raked up to Corporal in the short amount of time that she did. He was also the reason that she was unbanned from IRC chat within a short amount of time. Justinious has played a crucial role in Meghan's survival in the game. Meghan has coined the term "The Sex" to describe Justinious's awesomeness.

KillaJezuz: The two met on the in-game chat attempting the impossible (combating GnolTac's conservative propaganda) and have since been fast friends, but message sporadically.

TheSupernatural: Meghan and Supah have had a long standing feud on eRepublik which was abolished with an "eHug". The two have influenced each other quite a bit, and whether either of them would have liked to admit it or not. Meghan had aided in the banning of TheSupernatural in the USA chat through enraging him and she was nearly kicked for starting troll wars with him. The two were friends and had DonKeedick and The Umbrealla Reasearch Corp. to thank.

Francois Fotzelecker III: He was a permanent fixture on the in-game forum and greatly entertained Meghan and fueled the fire of her overwhelming sexual banter on the in-game forums.