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Coat-Mexico.jpg Flag-Mexico.jpg Coat-Mexico.jpg
Flag of Mexico   Coat of Arms of Mexico

On the map

General rank 20
Country power 334
Anthem Himno Nacional Mexicano
Motto Independence and Freedom
Capital Northeast of Mexico
Language Spanish
Population 656
Average level 22
President AlexEstrella
Political titles
vCP She0L
MoD Salsban
Governor M.G. ZAKAMOTO
MoEd God Erebus
Currency Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexican Peso (MXN)
Minimum salary Flag-Mexico.jpg 1.00 MXN
Average salary Flag-Mexico.jpg 2527.76 MXN
Food bonus 30%
Weapon bonus 0%
House bonus 0%
Aircraft bonus 15%
Territories 4
Natural enemy Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Forum Official Forum of Mexico

Map of Mexico

Last update March 27, 2022

Mexico is a nation in North America. It is mainly bordered on the north by the Icon-USA.png United States of America with the regions of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas. On the other hand, it is also border by Venezuela with the region of Central Western Venezuela, Colombia with the region of Caribe e Insular, Spain with the region of Canary Islands and Portugal with Azores .
Constitutionally, Mexico City in the region of Valley of Mexico, as the capital of the federation and seat of the powers of the Union of the State of Mexico.

Mexico Flag Map.jpg Nationality

  • Noun: Mexican(s)
  • Adjective: Mexican

In present-day Spanish, Mexico is pronounced ['mexiko] or ['mehiko], the latter pronunciation used mostly in dialects of the Caribbean and some places in South America where /x/ has become a voiceless glottal fricative (/h/). In English, however, the x does not represent either the original sound /ʃ/ or the modern sound /x/, but the double consonant /ks/.

Current event marker.jpg Communication

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Coat-Mexico.jpg Citizenship and National Symbols


The Establishment of the National Flag and Coat of Arms of Mexico establishment of the right National Coat of Arms and Flag of Mexico (Spanish: México) in the eRepublik On-Line Game, the eRepublik Wiki or any other number of eRepublik based creations. The State of Mexico grants Mexican nationality based on "birth" and "naturalization".

  • Mexican nationality by "birth" is granted to all those individuals born in a Mexican region.
  • Mexican nationality by "naturalization" is granted to foreign citizens granted Mexican nationality by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.

Icon position press director.gif Religions

- Under Construction -

Icon history.png History

Mexico was the original proposer of the establishment of the Pan American Alliance and its Treaty, signed by Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and the USA. The Pan American Alliance International Alliance and its Treaty was meant to counteract the recent signing of the Northern Alliance, the Mediterranean Alliance, and FIST. It allied all the countries in the Western Hemisphere except Canada, who was at war with the USA. Once the original PANAM dissolved and ATLANTIS was born, Mexico was not allowed entrance into the alliance, and searched for new ways to protect itself. A second PANAM alliance was formed in early 2011, however, Mexico was not a charter member since it had just previously been wiped from the globe by USA forces in December 2010 during Operation: Spring Break.
Mexico entered in PEACE Global Community, and after taking a small break from the International Alliance for various internal reasons, was once again a happy, full fledged member. Mexico joined Entente on May 11th, 2010.

In late 2010, Mexico was conquered by the USA. It was allowed autonomy once again shortly thereafter with the USA maintaining control over Southeast of Mexico and its rubber producing capabilities. In early 2011, Poland invaded Mexico and took complete control of all the country's territory. In response, the USA set up a reservation for Mexico in Oklahoma for Mexican nationals.

Mexico aligned itself with ONE during World War V, joining Poland and Spain in an attempted invasion of the USA. Mexico had been threatened by Poland, who had recently conquered all of Mexico's regions and were willing to attack or PTO once again. As a result, Mexico reluctantly agreed to attack the USA. The invasion, known as the Mexico-USA War was a failure, resulting in the United States once again attacking and almost wiping Mexico from the map and ejecting Poland from the Americas. Reduced to only Oaxaca, Mexico conceded defeat and a peace treaty was signed in which the regions of Baja and Southeast of Mexico would be formally annexed to the USA in exchange for a substantial amount of Icon - Gold.gif 100 GOLD. Both countries agreed to maintain peaceful relations thereafter. And eUSA paid for the RW of all others Mexico's originals territories.

According to the latest official census, which reported a population of 1259 citizens, the Mexican population has decreased due to the wars versus Italy and Spain. The country's most populous region, Valley of Mexico, in a moment this region have more than a thousand of Citizens.


Citizen-shape.gifCitizen-shape.gifCitizen-shape.gif Population

Most of the Albanian citizens are ethnic Albanians in real life and come mostly from Icon-Albania.png Albania, Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, Kosovo, Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro or other places where they live. There is also a minority of Albanian citizens with Turkish, Argentinian, Romanian and other nationalities who have made Albania their home and help in its development.

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Top 5 most experienced players in Mexico

Nickname Experience level
1. S E R E N I T Y 1099
2. FMailed 660
3. She0L 650
4. Dhoo 590
5. Riyan BG 527

Last update: March 2022

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Top 5 strongest players in Mexico

Nickname Strength
1. S E R E N I T Y 337,136
2. Alein2001 320,583
3. Speedy Gonzales 2013 316,035
4. Dhoo 305,772
5. luismaster2009 299,020

Last update: March 2022

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif Top 5 patriots in Mexico

Nickname Damage
1. S E R E N I T Y 3,017,433,817,243
2. Speedy Gonzales 2013 276,968,400,133
3. Alein2001 255,195,970,591
4. Armandocf 188,702,892,848
5. GARNEO 158,055,126,172

Last update: March 2022

Paper-Compass.png Geography

The geography of Mexico entails the physical and human geography of Mexico, a country situated in North America. It contains eight original regions: Baja, Gulf of Mexico, Northeast of Mexico, Northwest of Mexico, Oaxaca, Pacific Coast of Mexico, Southeast of Mexico and Valley of Mexico.

Icon-Mexico.png Regions

Mexico Mapa 27 Mar.jpg

The original territory of Mexico is composed of several regions: BajaCentral Western Venezuela (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Gulf of Mexico (occupied by Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png), Northeast of Mexico (occupied by Icon-United Kingdom.png), Northwest of MexicoOaxacaPacific Coast of Mexico (occupied by Icon-Lithuania.png), Southeast of Mexico (occupied by Icon-Bulgaria.png), and Valley of Mexico (occupied by Icon-Portugal.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map
Northwest of Mexico Icon-capital.gif Icon-Mexico.png Icon - Saltpeter.png Saltpeter Region-Northwest of Mexico.png
Baja Icon-Mexico.png Icon - Saltpeter.png Saltpeter Region-Baja.png
Oaxaca Icon-Mexico.png Icon - Fish.png Fish Region-Oaxaca.png
Subcarpathia Icon-Ukraine.png Icon - Sand.png Sand (resource) Region-Subcarpathia.png

Icon position party member.gif Government and Politics

The State of Mexico is a federation whose government is representative, democratic and republican based on a presidential system. Public administration can be broadly described as the development, implementation and study of branches of government policy. The pursuit of the public good by enhancing civil society, ensuring a well-run, fair, and effective public service are some of the goals of the field.

Though public administration has historically referred to as government management. Public administration is carried out by public servants who work in public departments and agencies, at all levels of government, and perform a wide range of tasks. Public administrators collect and analyze data (statistics), monitor budgets, draft legislation, develop policy, and execute legally mandated government activities. The executive power is exercised by the executive branch, which is headed by the President, advised by a cabinet of ministers and independent of the legislature. Legislative power is vested upon the Congress of the Union.

List of the President current cabinet of ministers.

Executive Logo Executive Office Name
Icon achievement Country President on.gif President of Mexico Dhoo

Icon position country president.gif Presidents

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Traditionally, the Government of Mexico has sought to maintain its interests abroad and project its influence largely through moral persuasion. In particular, Mexico champions the principles of nonintervention and self-determination. In its efforts to revitalize its economy and open up to international competition, Mexico has sought closer relations with the Union de Naciones Hispanoameriacanas and the PEACE Global Community.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for all official communication between Mexico and the rest of the New World. The Minister of Foreign Affairs it is also the one who is in charge of communicates with our International Alliance PEACE GC, our foreign countries friends, and represents our great nation as a ambassador in all the national forums around the countries in the New World trough a Embassy. This is indeed, without any doubt one of the harder, stressing, time consuming and difficult jobs to handle in all the sphere of citizen action in eRepublik. MoFA is currently Divante.

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress of the Union

The Mexican Congress (formally: Congreso de la Unión or Congress of the Union) is the legislative branch of the Mexican Government. Congress was overrun from Polish rogues in the February elections, so the election tables will be updated once again when he have a proper Congress. Now all political parties must be registered before the Mexican Government in charge of organizing and overseeing the federal electoral processes. Registered political parties receive public Mexican support for their operation and can also obtain private funding, all this is make it with the intention of guard the Congress of the Union against future political foreign takeovers. There exist a Congress President and a Vice-President and are administrator of the Congress Section in the FOM.

Logo Party Congress members Percentage No. votes
Party-LH MEXICO.png LH MEXICO 14 35% -
Party-Partido Popular Socialista.jpg Partido Popular Socialista 10 25.00% -
Default party logo.gif Partido Alternativa 7 17.50% -
Default party logo.gif Partido de la Orden Templaria 5 12.50% -
Default party logo.gif Partido de Revolucion Nacional 4 10% -

Icon position party president.gif Political Parties

The following table shows top 5 political parties of Mexico.

Logo Name Abbreviation Orientation Ideology Members Party President Congress Share Congress Seats
Party-Partido Nacional Mexicano.png Partido Nacional Mexicano PNM Center Libertarian 28 Hunter07 39.13% 9
Party-Partido Popular Socialista.jpg Partido Popular Socialista PPS Far-left Libertarian 22 Dhoo 34.78% 8
Party-LH MEXICO.png LH MEXICO LH Center-left 12 AlexEstrella 8.7% 2
Party-Nacionalistas Por Democracia.png Nacionalistas Por Democracia NPD Far-left Libertarian 8 jmmorelos 8.7% 2
Party-Partido Libertario Nacional.png Partido Libertario Nacional PLN Center Libertarian 7 Hiram F1 4.35% 1

Flag-Entente.png Entente

Mexico was a firm member of Entente, joined on May 11 2010. It was an associate member of Entente from January 24 2010 to May 10 2010. The idea of the Entente is to have a neutral alliance between Phoenix and EDEN to unite countries who want to keep their freedom against bigger countries.

See also

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Economy

Mexico has a free market mixed economy, and is firmly established as an upper middle-income country. Oil is Mexico's largest source of foreign income. The Great Depression brought Mexico a sharp drop in national income and internal demand, challenging the country's ability to fulfill its constitutional mandate to promote social equity. The economy of Mexico was not significantly influenced by the recent Mexican crisis, and has maintained positive, although low, rates of growth after a brief period of stagnation. Still, Mexico feel the effects of the Great Depression directly. In spite of its unprecedented macroeconomic stability, which has reduced inflation and interest rates to record lows and has increased per capita income, enormous gaps remain between the urban and the rural population, the northern and southern states, and the rich and the poor. Some of the government's challenges include the upgrade of infrastructure, the modernization of the tax system and labor laws, and the reduction of income inequality. The manufacturing and other sectors serving the domestic economy began a slow recovery. The upturn was facilitated by several key structural reforms.The military tourist centers itself in the large metropolitan battle areas, a phenomenon arguably caused by the military intent of invasion integration by the part of USA, the immigration phenomenon and the return of workers.

Ministry of Economics

See also: Banco de Mexico

This Ministry of Economics should be in charge of two things in Mexico:

  1. First, the Banco de Mexico (OBM). The Banco de Mexico (Spanish: Banco de México), abbreviated BdeM or Banxico, is Mexico's central bank and lender of last resort. There should be two people with the password to the Bank, mainly so it can be accessed at all times. One person should be the President of Mexico, the other should be whoever is designated vicepresident of Mexico or confidante to keep the password. Each expenditure should be logged, and a certain amount of the Bank's funds should be set aside to earn money on the Money Market (through Gold Standard Trading), which I always set to 10% of the Funds. The rest of the Bank should be used to fund the Military, and store the Nation's treasury (so it cannot be robbed).
  2. Second, the Minister of Economics should be responsible for Market Reports, making sure our markets are stocked, in good pricing, we have sufficient tax levels to sustain and build income, and so on.

Icon embargo.gif Trading embargoes

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.

Icon - Gold.gif Taxes

The following table shows the tax structure of Mexico.

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 1% 1% 1%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 1% 1% 1%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft weapon 1% 1% 1%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Moving ticket 1% 1% 1%
Icon - House Q3.png House 1% 1% 1%
Raw material Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - Aircraft Weapon Raw Materials.png Aircraft weapon raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 1% 1% -
  • Updated: March 23, 2019

Icon military.png Military

Mexico's military organization is still forming, but has made great strides since being invaded in March 2009 by the USA Army leaded by USA's President Uncle Sam. It operates from a main Organization account, La Armada De Mexico, by who ever will be the Minister of Defence from Mexico for each term. It does have at it's disposal several other Organizations for supply lines, and so on for it's troops.

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - ground battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Ground) in Mexico

Nickname Damage
1. S E R E N I T Y 352,659,009,592
2. Armandocf 37,680,217,937
3. FMailed 32,114,289,611
4. Alein2001 31,375,569,126
5. Speedy Gonzales 2013 31,265,673,857

Last update: March 2021

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - aircraft battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Air) in Mexico

Nickname Damage
1. She0L 31,966,729
2. FMailed 24,143,327
3. Riyan BG 20,392,634
4. Dhoo 10,003,385
5. S E R E N I T Y 7,370,192

Last update: March 2022

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Ministry of Defense

Las Military forces of Mexico, are composed of the Army of Mexico. Officially, the President of Mexico is also the head of Mexican government and has a military role under the national constitution: Supreme Commandant of the Mexican armed forces. According to the Constitution of Mexico, the President is the Army's only five-star general. Below the President, it is the Minister of Defence serves in a dual capacity: as a full cabinet member reporting to the President, and as the operational commander of his branch. The Mexican armed forces maintain significant small infrastructure, including small internal elections and soldiers training and research facilities.

Icon - Weapon.jpg Structure

Five Divisions, each one commanded by a General plus one Field Marshal for the Mexican Special Forces and international Task Division. Each Divisions can have a maximum of five Corps. The three first Divisions (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie) are the primary defense core of the Country. The larger the unit the harder to supply and communicate, then more leaders will be added the more people we add to it.

  • Alpha - Los Diablos.
  • Bravo - Los Salvadores.
  • Charlie - La Guardia Nacional.
  • Delta - Los Tanques de Fortuna. (1)
  • Echo - La Guardia Legendaria. (2)
(1) Division: Delta.: This is the Mexican Special Forces and international Task Division, they are commanded by a Field Marshal. The Division Delta it is usually call it, Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales - GAFE (English: Special Forces Airmobile Group). The GAFE motto is "Todo por México" (English: Everything for Mexico).
(2) Division: Echo. This unit is for people assigned to Congress, Party presidents and Presidents of Mexico that are not mobile. The Division Echo it is a bit larger then the normal unit when elections are full.

Icon skill strength.gif Law Enforcement Agency

The Mexican Law Enforcement Agency will have primary responsibility for laws which affect the federation as whole, and which have been enacted by the governing body of the federation. Members of a federal Law Enforcement Agency may be given jurisdiction within a division of a federation for laws enacted by the governing bodies of the divisions either by the relevant division within the federation, or by the federation's governing body. Typically federal Law Enforcement Agency have relatively narrow police responsibilities, the individual divisions within the federation usually establish their own police agencies to enforce laws within the division.

The direct jurisdictional responsibility and is different from the situation when a governing body makes arrangements with another governing body's Law Enforcement Agency to provide law enforcement for its subjects. Typically the Mexican Law Enforcement Agency working in different jurisdictions which overlap in the type of law non compliance actively establish mechanisms for cooperation and even establish joint operations and joints task forces, especially in the prevention of possible foreign Take Over the Congress of the Union or the President of Mexico. Often, members of a Law Enforcement Agency working outside of their normal jurisdiction on joint operations or task force are sworn in as special members of the host jurisdiction.

Icon-pact.gif MPPs

Mexico has Mutual Protection Pacts with the following nation(s):

This country doesn't have any mutual protection pacts at the moment.

Fight-war.gif Current Wars

Mexico is currently at war with:

Icon - Defense System.jpg Military History of Mexico

  • Icon-Spain.png vs Icon-Mexico.png: ARDE-Mexico Takeover
  • Icon-Mexico.png vs Icon-Spain.png: ARDE-Spain Invasion
  • Icon-Mexico.png vs Icon-Venezuela.png: ARDE-Venezuela fail Invasion
  • Icon-Mexico.png vs Icon-Mexico.png: President-Congress Revolution
  • Icon-Mexico2.png vs Icon-Mexico.png: Goons-Mexico Takeover
  • Icon-Spain.png vs Icon-Mexico2.png: The Battle for Campeche: Spain
  • Icon-Portugal.png vs Icon-Mexico2.png: The Battle for Campeche: Portugal
  • Icon-Mexico.png vs Icon-Mexico2.png: Mexico-Goons Revolution
  • Icon-Poland.png vs Icon-Mexico.png: Polish-Mexico Takeover
  • Icon-USA.png vs Icon-Mexico.png: USA-Mexico Invasion
  • Icon-Poland.png vs Icon-Mexico.png: Poland War Declaration
  • Icon-Spain.png vs Icon-Mexico.png: Spain Invasion
  • Icon-Italy.png vs Icon-Mexico.png: Italy Invasion
  • Icon-USA.png vs Icon-Mexico.png : Second USA-Mexico War
  • Icon-Mexico.png vs Icon-USA.png : Mexico-USA War
  • Icon-Mexico.png vs Icon-Portugal.png : Mexico-Portugal War
  • Icon-Mexico.png vs Icon-Colombia.png : México-Colombia War

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