Middle East War

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Middle East War
Map of Middle East War
Date March 5th 2011 –
March 13th 2011
Location Middle East
Result Entire Occupation of Saudi Arabia
Territorial Changes Eastern Province, Al Jawf, Al Madinah, Makkah, Najran, Ha'il, Al Riyadh, Al Qasim, Northern Borders, Tabuk, Asir, Jizan and Al Bahah
Fights N/A
Flag-Egypt.jpg Egypt
Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Flag-United Arab Emirates.jpg United Arab Emirates
Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Flag-Saudi Arabia.jpg Saudi Arabia
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Israel.jpg Rheinlander von Phalz
Flag-Egypt.jpg antjerci
Flag-United Arab Emirates.jpg DimkaVelikiy
Flag-Saudi Arabia.jpg Lawrence of Arabia

The Middle East War is the first war of the newly added Arabs states. It started on day 1,201 of the new world (March 5th 2011), between 4 of the 5 Middle Eastern nations.

Countries involved

Main involved countries

Allied countries