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Logo of Migrationsverket
Owner Sweden
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Subsidiaries Migrationsbladet newspaper
Founded December 2008
Founder Sweden
Services Working for an higher population in Sweden

Migrationsverket (Swedish Migration) was a Swedish government organisation, financed by Riksbanken

The organisation works towards an higher population in Sweden. The organization also runs the newspaper Migrationsbladet.



The Mission

Migrationsverket was an important organisation in Sweden during Beta version...

The mission, to work for higher population, is essential since a high population in the New world can be vital. Migrationsverkt is financed by the government and the organisation itself is politicaly neutral.

The Organisation

Migrationsverket is driven by the Minister of Immigration (Graytuna) and the Vice Minister of Immigration (Helgonized).

A very important part of the organisation are the recruiters. The Recruiter's mission is to do the actual work within the organisation. By being active at forums, talking with friends and contact newspapers about the New World , they are contributing to a higher population in Sweden. For their work, they are being rewarded by the Migrationsverket by 0.5 gold per player they recruit.

Minister of Immigration:

  • December 2008


  • January 2009


Replaced the 20th of January by: Zauzage

Graytuna Vice Minister of Immigration

  • February & March 2009


Zauzage - Vice minister of Immigration

  • April 2009


Helgonized - Vice minister of Immigration

  • May 2009