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Ministry of Education eHR
Logo of Ministry of Education eHR
Owner Hrvatska Vlada
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Headquarters Zagreb, Central Croatia
Founder Hrvatska Vlada

Ministry of Education is a government organization established to educate new and remind old citizens of Croatia on rules and game play options.


Absentee - minister of education

Dubrovnik 1919 - chief of Ured dobrodoslice

Lord Marlock - chief of Mentori project


The ministry, a side for publishing articles with tutorials and helping new players with resolving their missions, is continuously running these projects:

  1. PROJECT: Ured dobrodošlice
  2. PROJECT: Mentori

Ured dobrodošlice

Organization that helps all new Croatian players with advices and suggestions. The main task is: helping citizens to adapt to new erepublik life. We send every new player a starting message with all major instructions.

Start date: February 23, 2009

Link to profile Ured dobrodošlice


The job of mentors is helping new citizens, after they apply in Ured dobrodošlice, with all information necessary for a normal life in eRepublik. The best thing about it is that it's a 1 on 1 approach where a new citizen can ask his mentor a question regarding anything , with no shame or fear. This project was starting and stopping depending on need. Right now is the third time that it has been revoked cause of major baby booms happening in eCroatia.

Start date: started in January 2010.

Link to profile Mentori


The main part of this ministry is to publish articles that can help all, but mainly new players in every aspect of the game. We are trying to publish articles as often as we can and keep everyone updated on changes in erepublik.

Tutorial Index

MO: First steps in erepublik

MO: Monetary Market

MO: Journalism Tutorial

MO: Instructions for Mibbit and Chatzilla

MO: Moving in Erepublik

MO: Companies

MO: Military Tutorial

MO: Congresman Tutorial