Ministry of Opportunity

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Ministry of Opportunity

Party-Ministry of Opportunity.png‎
General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Abbreviation MOO
Forum MOO Forums
Founded December, 2010
Dissolved N/A
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds The Azzeriath Party
Succeeded By Shenanigans Party
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

The Ministry of Opportunity (MOO) was a far-right, authoritarian political party in Canada. It was the first mainstream political party in Canada that has a platform focused on tax reform and economic performance.


The Ministry of Opportunity was conceived by Addy Lawrence. His vision for the party was articulated in his newspaper, Who's Your Daddy?, as the Party President elections on Day 1121 approached:

 The Ministry of Opportunity envisions an eCanada that possesses a high region for each of the commodities. The Ministry of Opportunity envisions an eCanada populated with over 10,000 engaged employees earning a best in eRep wage and providing business owners with the lowest tax pool of labour in eRep. The Ministry of Opportunity envisions the entrepreneurs of eCanada providing best in eRep prices across all product groups. The Ministry of Opportunity envisions eCanada being an ally of choice in eRepublik due to the economic opportunities it provides, due to the employee engagement is possesses, and due to the military effectiveness it lives by. 
(Addy Lawrence)

Addy successfully PTO'd the Independent Party of Canada, which had a membership of 1 at the time, and MOO officially took shape.

Now that the vision had become a reality, the first order of business was to establish a full blown party platform. Addy wanted a very clear and transparent compass heading for potential members of the party to follow. As a former member and leader of the Canadian Progressive Front, Addy was familiar with having a set of party "tenets" to guide the party. The plan for MOO was not to be everything to everyone, rather to be somethings specific that would appeal to some. These specific things are the The Eight Opportunities of MOO. This eight plank platform has remained unchanged as of Day 1213. Here they are, as printed in the media:

  1. The first opportunity is to maximize the net pay of employees by setting income taxes at 1%.
  2. The second opportunity is to maximize the value to employers of labour costs by setting income taxes at 1%. See the first opportunity, this is two birds with one stone.
  3. The third opportunity is to provide employment options for all eCanadians through harvester jobs in high region commodity sectors by setting import taxes at 99%.
  4. The fourth opportunity is to align the interests of the state with those of the consumer by shifting government tax revenues to be VAT based and setting VAT to 10% for each product.
  5. The fifth opportunity is to provide eCanadians with competitive pricing for products in the domestic marketplace by lowering the import tax on all products to 10%.
  6. The sixth opportunity is to actively support all eCanadian entrepreneurs in their pursuit of 10% profit on all capital they employ by maintaining import tax rates of at least 10% on all products and commodities and VAT rates of 10% on all products.
  7. The seventh opportunity is to support our domestic manufacturing industry by actively maintaining a full complement of high regions covering every commodity so that our businesses are as competitive as mechanically possible in this game.
  8. The eighth opportunity is to foster transparency and accountability in government spending by reducing tax revenues (see one through seven) and creating more dependence upon bond issues where government must lay out what they want and what they intend to do with funds and earn the support of those who can afford to support it.'

Building Momentum

With a clear platform in hand, Addy went about building the membership. The recruitment strategy was two pronged, daily articles and employee recruitment.

Each day Addy wrote an article under his paper, which has become the official MOO paper. The article was on a relevant topic in eCanada that pertained to the party platform. A political position was taken on the issue. Citizens who commented favourably on the article were pm'd by Addy and invited to join the party. Some citizens identified strongly enough with the articles that they joined on their own.

Addy also had a large stable of businesses which he has made available to the party, free of cost, in exchange for his leadership of the party. He started to reduce his margins on the operations in an effort to increase the number of employees on the payroll. Increasing the size of the employee pool, paying employees a little more than market, and offering jobs to lower ranked employees provided Addy with "mayoral" opportunities to recruit members. Employees really couldn't argue with an offer to join a political party centered upon reducing income taxes.

These two strategies worked very well and membership grew by the day. By week three, the party was up to 15 members and had moved into the top 10 in national party rankings. A party forum was created and MOO was on the cusp of political legitimacy, however a big break was on the horizon that would accelerate the development of MOO faster than anybody expected.

A Break-through

The January 5 Country President election was approaching. CP hopeful aeriala was spurned by the Canadian Progressive Front and was turned down as the party's nominee for CP in favour of a non-party member.

Not one to give up easy, aeriala joined MOO and approached Addy for MOO's nomination for CP. With few CP candidates perusing the MOO nomination, aeriala walked away with the nomination. In a strange twist of fate, the odds on favourite to win the CP election, TemujinBC, compromised his candidacy for CP with a party change after cut-off which opened the race wide open.

The infamous Wes Lewis and aeriala comprised a two horse race with Wes ultimately winning the election. This did not stop aeriala from serving as CP for a majority of this term as Wes quickly stole the national treasury and was impeached, providing MOO with a CP in its first term of existence.

Aeriala was thankful to MOO in the newspapers, congress and IRC, even in the popular Canadian podcast "Northern Exposure". This helped to raise the profile of MOO even more. Aeriala fulfilled his term without incident and with integrity. He was also able to implement some tax reforms during his term that shifted taxation away from the income tax approach and toward the VAT approach. This was a huge shift in tax ideology that had remained unchanged in the past two years.

Continuing Success

On Day 1366 during the Country Presidential Elections Wally Cleaver ran under the ballot of MOO, becoming the second MOO President of Canada.

On Day 1415, after a failed run the previous month, Addy Lawrence would move on to take the presidential office with the largest vote spread experienced in 2011. Addy would go on to be re-elected the following month becoming one of few Presidents to serve two consecutive terms.

MOO Cabinet

Cabinet Position Name
Party President OLloyd
Vice President/Director Of Media Mafanikio
Director of Recruitment Yuri Kazinski
Advisor Addy Lawrence