Mobile Elite Korp

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Mobile Elite Korp


General Information
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Total Soldiers 34
Commanded by NunoBaton
2nd Commander Passos Coelho
1st Regiment Captain Madvieri

MEK (Mobile Elite Korp) is a Military unit, exclusively represented by top fighters of Division 4, based in Portugal, acting as mercenary when and where needed.

MEK were founded on 11 April of 2012 (erep day 1604), with the inicial ideia of beeing a elite MU that can go to any battle and turn the wall, something that was thought to be missing in Portugal at that point.

Nowadays MEK specialized in fighting hard, coordinated and with intelligence, controlling the wall and keeping it at 52% without overkill. Currently there are 52 members and recruting continues.

On eDay 1969, MEK celebrated 1 year and decided to do something special to celebrate. 4 RW's were open against Spain and successfully liberated those 4 regions, dealing over 2000M damage, wich lead to be the first MU in the eWorld on that day, with only 30 fighters (at the time).

More information regarding MEK Day can be found here.