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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth Sep 14, 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence Flag-Israel.jpg Beersheba South District
Sex Male
Congress member of Free State
October 26 2008 – November 25 2008
Congress member of Alabama
December 26 2008 – February 25 2009
Succeeded by Richard Brophy
Vice president of USA
April 6, 2009 – June 5, 2009
Preceded by PrincessMedyPi
Succeeded by Bastion
Military rank Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

An eCitizen is Born

Moishe (or "Mo") was born September 14th, 2008. He appeared out of the wisp of the air settling with a thump in his RL home Region of Alabama. The August elections for Mayor (the last ones held) had just concluded and Aaron Anderson had become Mayor of the Region of Alabama in the eUSA.

Hospital in Alabama

The first thing he noticed was that his home region, Alabama, did not have a hospital. This simply was not acceptable to "Mo". He created his own newspaper, the Alabama Herald, and began campaigning for a hospital. He created the Cedar Sinai SO for the express purpose of collecting donations. Because he, as a private citizen, could not actually purchase a hospital he began also nagging Mayor Anderson about this necessity. Perhaps his contacts felt generous. Perhaps they simply got tired of him constantly nagging them about his hope and dream. Even though some told him a hospital was not needed in Alabama and others told him it could not be done finally - with the assistance of then President Roby Petric, his good friend, chimichonga barbosa, and the many contributors to the cause - a hospital was acquired. And not just any old Q1 hospital. The Region of Alabama, eUSA got a brand new Q3 hospital!

Military Service

But "Mo" (as Moishe had become known to his friends) was not satisfied with his accomplishment. From one cause to another. He wanted to join the eUSA Army. Being the "n00b" that he was he did not know how that was accomplished. He read an article by Esoom and contacted him. But he had no success in getting a response. He contacted BuzzyTheCat who had written an article about Army Pay and Structure but got the same results. He contacted Cj Will Win who had also written various articles about the eUSA Army and still he could not get a response. He was getting depressed, distressed and despondent. "Whoa!" he screamed at himself. "This is not good! I do not get down. I get down!

Enlistment Problems

1st (US) National Guard Division.gif
Moishe went back to his newspaper which was still called the "Alabama Herald" at that time and wrote an article about the eUSA Army and the difficulties he was having getting enlisted. (At that time his military strength was still only about 2.50.) Within a day he received a comment to his article from Kokach who became a very close friend. Kokach enlisted him in the eUSA National Guard where he met Leroy Combs who was, at that time, his Squad Leader. (Leroy Combs has since gone on to become General of the National Guard and Head of the CIA.)

National Guard

Moishe was only in the National Guard for about a week before chimichonga barbosa (who was, at that time, General of the National Guard) promoted Leroy Combs to the Colonel of Division 1 and Moishe to the Colonel of Division 2. Moishe's Division was composed of all the politicians in the USA who could not move because of their office thus serving their military term in the National Guard. Mo took it upon himself to contact every member of his Division personally. He sent them an in-game message introducing himself and inquiring as to what they wanted out of the National Guard. He also added many as friends as he contacted them. Many remain his friends even until today.

V1 and the eUSA Army

And then V1 struck. And some members became inactive. And some left the USA. And some just disappeared as quickly into the mist as Moishe had appeared. But Moishe did not disappear. He remained steadfast. ThisGenMedia became President de facto when Roby Petric became AWOL. The eUSA Army was suffering. It had not gotten paid in a couple of weeks. Franco (ThisGenMedia) appointed chimichonga barbosa as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and, along with the suggestion of Justinious Mcwalburgson III appointed our man, Moishe, to the position of General of the eUSA Army.

Mo did not let the assignment go to his head. He took it in stride. He was used to getting responsibility tossed into his lap and figured it was his karma. He was destined to serve in the eUSA Army and to give it his best. He did just that. He created new Google Spreadsheets to manage the Army. He created an IRC channel just for the Army. It is located on and is called #USA-Army. He also (with Franco's help) created a web site for the eUSA Army. He took his job seriously.

The eMarines

United States Marine Corps.png
After spending a couple of months as a member of Congress Moishe got the urge to get back into military service. He contacted an old friend, Eugene Harlot, and applied for membership in the eUSA Marines. While the first couple of weeks in April, 2009, kept him stateside performing his duties as Vice-President under President Scrabman he ultimately decided, as he told his commander, Mdeusa03, "Whatever I need to do can be done just as easily from Romania (or where ever needed) as from Florida. I wanna serve!!"

Since joining the Marines Moishe deployed to several points of interest including Romania, Germany, and the continual Resistance Wars (war games) being waged in Baja, Mexico. During the month of April Moishe progressed from Corporal to Captain.

May and June were good months for a US Marine. Moishe progressed up to the (in game) rank of General.

After the Army

Moishe left the USA Army in November of 2008. He retired as General of the Army. His reasons were difficulties dealing with the administration of Benn Dover who had been elected President in November. Benn Dover was sure to get re-elected and Moishe did not wish to go through another month trying to deal with the difficulties a Benn Dover Administration presented.

What were his problems with Benn Dover? Perhaps it was the age difference. Perhaps it is the fact that Benn Dover chose to announce the war in Australia in his newspaper rather than contact his generals and get their opinions. Perhaps it was the added fact that when Moishe decided to create a special "Rangers" division of the Army and add an Officer's Candidate School to its agenda Benn Dover contacted him stating that he should have cleared it through him first. Whatever the reason Moishe left the USA Army, turning over its operation to the very capable Colonel William Shafer.

Since that time Benn Dover and Moishe have gotten over any past hostilities and have patched up any differences. Moishe admits to liking the (former) President and respects his abilities and accomplishments.

eRepublik Politics

South Africa

After leaving the USA Army Moishe decided to visit South Africa. He made several new friends while there. One of his closest is kikifire1. At first Moishe joined The Party but could not agree with their position on many issues so he looked for a more agreeable group. That group turned out to be the Croatian-African Union. He ran for Congress in the Free State and won the December '08 election.

Back to the eUSA

Few South Africans supported what they turned an "outsider" into their midst even though Moishe had created four companies in South Africa to help unemployment. Deciding the atmosphere did not suit him he sold his companies and returned to the USA. Rejoining the USWP he ran for Congress in the Great State of Alabama and won by a landslide - final vote - 7 to 0.

Shortly after Moishe won the his first Congressional election he was asked by DesertFalcon to be his Vice-Presidential running mate in the January, 2009, Presidential election. Their opponents were UncleSam/GoBucks and Justinious/PrincessMedyPi. All worthy USA Citizens.

The Justinious/PrincessMedyPi ticket won that election so Moishe returned to Congress and his newspaper. Moishe continued to work within the USWP and was appointed to their Executive Board and placed in charge of the USWP's Hand to Hand gifting program. He personally donated the funds to start the Hand to Hand Gift Company. In January he again ran for Congress in Alabama and was unopposed so he returned to the US House of Representatives a second time.

Congress and Taxation

The Congress was intent on raising taxes. Many had obvious socialistic tendencies and encouraged more governmental services. The Comprehensive Tax Program was introduced, sponsored by some of Moishe's USWP colleagues. Moishe stood firm against it voting "no" on every tax increase.

Then the Teacher debacle occurred. When Teacher was first accused of treason Moishe remained separate from the masses who were out for blood. There was no evidence. Then Teacher confessed to the crime. The USA Federal Reserve had been hacked by Teacher and lost massive amounts of Gold and USD!

Congress responded in its typical knee-jerk fashion. VAT (sales taxes) were raised. Income taxes were raised. But import taxes were either lowered or kept the same. Congress appeared not to care about the American Businessman or American Workers. It was becoming Government for the sake of Government.

Changing Parties

Near the Middle of February, 2009, Moishe decided he could no longer support the leftist platforms of the United States Worker's Party. Although he still felt quite close to many of its members the USWP and he had different visions for the USA. He left the USWP and joined the Conservative Party where he was immediately chosen as their Vice-President serving under his old running mate, DesertFalcon.

Defeat in Alabama

The 25th of February brought a defeat in Alabama for Moishe. A new face, that of Richard Brophy, appeared in the state and took away Moishe's chance for three consecutive terms in Congress. Moishe decided to concentrate on his businesses wanting to take Kosher Foods to Level 4. Brophy was re-elected the following month, but resigned shortly after the commencement of the 16th Congress for personal reasons.

Scrabman and Moishe

Moishe and his old friend, Scrabman, from the USWP continued their friendship in spite of political differences. When Uncle Sam was impeached in the middle of March, 2009, Scrabman became President. He appointed Moishe as his Secretary of Defense. Scrabman was concerned about an out-of-control USA Military and hoped the old General would be able to do something about it.

At that same time Scrabman asked Moishe to be his running mate in the April Presidential Elections. Moishe agreed and the two began a campaign that dedicated itself to change in the USA. They met great opposition, particularly from John Jay, a high ranking Marine Officer. Scrabman's solid campaign and reputation ultimate won him the election by a landslide. It was obvious the Citizens of the USA wanted what Scrabman and Moishe were offering.

Scrabman and Moishe won again in May with an overwhelming majority of the votes. Near the end of that term Moishe decided to leave the political forum due to being quite busy with the development of his Company Tool (based in the eRepublik API).

Business Interests


Moishe was the General Manager of the American Free Press which has been ranked in the Top 10 USA with articles which regularly would reach the Top Rated news listing.

Military offices
Preceded by
Commander, 2nd NG Division Succeeded by
Preceded by
GEN Cj Will Win
Commanding General of the United States Army Succeeded by
GEN William Shafer