Moral Identity of the Old

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Church of the New World

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The Word of God

The Commandments · Moral Identity of the Old
The Seven Sacraments · Marmanism

Historical Events
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Moral Identity of the Old

According to Churchist followers The Moral Identity of the Old has existed before the dawn of the New World. The ideas and values are believed to be instilled before The One God created the New World in order to make a better place for all civilization. There are nine moral codes to follow, many contain similarities to The Commandments.

The Moral Identity of the Old

  1. Thou shall not murder

  2. Thou shall not bear false witness

  3. Thou shall not commit adultery

  4. Thou shall honor thy father and mother

  5. Thou shall not worship false Idols

  6. Thou shall not say the name of the Lord in vain

  7. Thou shall remember the Sabbath

  8. Thou shall not covet

  9. Thou shall not carve one self in the image of anything but what God has made thee