Movement for Democratic Unity

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Movement for Democratic Unity

Party-Movement for Democratic Unity v2.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation MDU
Founded 30 June 2008
Dissolved September/October 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By The Right Choice Party
Orientation Center

Movement for Democratic Unity was the 5th biggest political party in the United Kingdom, and the 77th biggest in the New World. The party was slightly abandoned during July of 2009 and membership slowly decreased; RyanMcCulloch continued his role as Party President for two and a half more terms when it ended and was succeeded by The Right Choice Party.


Formation of the Movement for Democratic Unity

The original party was founded June 30th, 2008 and in the following 3 months was known as the 'Great Britain Party', the 'Labour Party' and finally 'The People's Zeteticist Party'. Between June and September 2008 the Party remained only on the fringe in UK politics.

CV James was elected Party president on October 14th, 2008 and announced his intention to reform the party once again into an "alternative, viable political force for the new UK". The Movement for Democratic Unity was declared and a new manifesto and look unveiled on October 15th, 2008. Soon after, the party began to emerge from the outskirts of UK politics, following support and membership from experienced citizens such as Json and Big Boy Bulley.

The first MDU logo

Under CV James, the party saw increases in party membership, and the party was given its first ever seat in the UK House of Commons, which was taken up by Big Boy Bulley. CV James restructured the party and created spokespersons for each area of life in eRepublik in order to promote the party's views on the matters and give more citizens the chance to get involved in politics. Under this structure, a new citizen Tommy Tommasino was appointed Press Liaison and Membership Officer; his role in the job helped the party substantially increase in membership and popularity within UK. The MDU announced in a press release that it was in the process of writing a new manifesto in November 2008. In the same month, the party proposed a law giving smaller parties voting rights in the UK House of Commons, which was passed with a one month trial period. The brand new party manifesto was released to the public on November 15th 2008, with mostly positive reviews.

Re-election and continued growth

CV James was re-elected Party President on November 15th, 2008, and the following day, the party became the 7th biggest party by membership, increasing its membership to 22, from just 13 at the initial reformation. The party went on to overtake The Right Party as 6th biggest party on November 24th, 2008.

On December 5th, 2008 the MDU fielded its first candidate in the Presidential Elections, Tommy Tommasino. The MDU was the only party in the elections to match votes with party membership numbers, gaining approximately 7% of the popular vote.

On December 7th, CV James announced he would not be seeking re-election as Party President, meaning the party was set to get a new leader on December 15th, 2008. The successor was confirmed as Tommy Tommasino on 15th December 2008.

the new MDU logo unveiled on 1st January 2009

Bremer, a senior member of the People's Communist Party defected to the party in December, meaning the party (officially) had one in-game congressman - it's first officially elected seat. Due to this, it had 2 seats in the House of Commons, and at the time a total of 42 members (as of 8th December 2008).

On December 14th 2008, just a day before CV James stepped down as Party President, the party gained its 47th member and rose to become the United Kingdom's 5th biggest political party, meaning it would be able to field candidates for the forthcoming Congress elections on December 25th 2008.

Tommy Tommasino won the Party Presidential elections and replaced CV James as the leader on 16th December 2008. The next day, the party constitution was passed with 100% support in an MDU-referendum and was published to the general public.

Break into "Top-5" Politics

Following its ascension to 5th place in terms of party members, the MDU was able to field candidates for election to Congress on December 25th 2008. 9 party members stood as candidates, and after the polls had closed, the party had won its first ever congressmen, CV James (South East of England), Richard York (South West of England), and Patrick Reckitt (Yorkshire & Humberside).

Following the MDU's success in congressional elections, a new logo and look designed by thehorseltd was unveiled on 1st January 2009.

On the 15th January 2009, Membership Officer Oexis was elected the Party President of the MDU, appointing his opponent Patrick Reckitt as Vice Party President. On 25th January the Party achieved great success in congress elections, getting 8 members elected as Congress (21% of the overall number). This was a huge success for a party placed 4th in terms of membership numbers.

Following the congress elections the party went on to announce Big Boy Bulley as its Country President candidate for February 2009, however a deal struck with the People's Communist Party, The Unity Party, The Right Party and the Free-Thinking Party formed the Coalition of Destiny in which Final Destiny became the presidential candidate after a close second-stage poll against Big Boy Bulley, who then became the vice presidential candidate and vice president after the Coalition's victory.

CV James, the party's founder, was reelected Party President on the 15th March 2008 after a closely fought campaign against Party Chairman, thehorseltd. Previous party president Tommy Tommasino returned to the party, and work began on a new manifesto. A competition to select a party motto was initiated and "One United Kingdom, One United Movement" was selected. On 28th March, it was announced that Tommy Tommasino would be standing as the party's candidate for the April Presidential elections.

Forward Britain!

In April 2009, the party made a sudden leap to the far-right authoritarian side of British politics. Along with this, there was a rebranding of the party and a change of name for the April 2009 congressional elections from MDU to Forward Britain.

The move proved costly, with the party only holding two of its four seats in Congress. Tommy Tommasino returned to take up the Party Presidential position in May 2009 to lead the party onwards, quickly getting the membership back over 100 and several active campaigns going. Forward Britain! once again came to the forefront of British politics.

Decline and Death

At its height, Forward Britain was ranked 5th in UK politics with 120 members. However poor leadership and bad press saw a decline in numbers to less than 100. At the same time of this decline, Forward Britain saw a competitor rise out of the smaller parties; a centre-right group called the British Empire Party gained members very quickly and soon overtook Forward Britain, knocking them down to 6th place.

The June 2009 leadership election saw thehorseltd, an old member running against Marcus Wyclif, a relatively new member. Both citizens advocated a return to the MDU, and in a surprise result, Marcus Wyclif won the vote with 62.5% of the vote, against thehorseltd's 25%. The party was reformed with a new logo once again, but just a few days later Marcus resigned, making thehorseltd the party's president after numerous failed leadership attempts.

Despite the attempts to restore the party to its former glory, the rise of the British Empire Party saw its decline ever further and it dropped to 7th place. A fierce PP election began in July (with RyanMcCulloch winning over one of the founding member Robalbinio, long-time member Nile Frater and Bonnie Prince Charles by over two, eleven and sixteen votes respectively) but its decline continued and eventually saw it "die" and be reborn later as The Right Choice Party, which still remains low in the rankings.


On 14th December 2010 after his return to the UK, Tommy Tommasino put his name down to run for Party President of the shell of what MDU had eventually become (named 'The Liberal Socialist Party'). Party numbers had withered to just 3. The return was not successful as eventually, MDU disappeared completely from the scene.

Press Office

On 19th October 2008, the MDU Press Office was established to help expand the party and publicize its actions.

The party newspaper, the Voice of Democratic Unity was set up to publish party press releases. There has been no confirmed party newspaper for Forward Britain!

Party Presidents

This is the short review of the Party presidents of the Party from December 2007.

Date President Notes
30/06/2008 NexA - 1st mandate Great Britain Party created
10/07/2008 NexA - 2nd mandate
10/08/2008 NexA - 3rd mandate
10/09/2008 Chrissetti - 1st mandate Reformed as "People's Zeteticist Party"
15/10/2008 CV James - 1st mandate Reformed as "Movement for Democratic Unity"
15/11/2008 CV James - 2nd mandate Became 5th biggest party in UK
15/12/2008 Tommy Tommasino - 1st mandate Became 4th biggest party in UK
15/01/2009 Oexis - 1st mandate MDU Gained 21% of Congress
15/02/2009 Oexis - 2nd mandate
15/03/2009 CV James - 3rd mandate
15/04/2009 Robalbinio - 1st mandate Reformed as "Forward Britain!"
15/05/2009 Tommy Tommasino - 2nd mandate A New Era.
15/06/2009 Marcus Wyclif - 1st mandate Resigned and replaced by thehorseltd
21/06/2009 thehorseltd - 1st mandate
15/07/2009 RyanMcCulloch - 1st mandate
15/08/2009 RyanMcCulloch - 2nd mandate
15/09/2009 RyanMcCulloch - 3rd mandate Half-way through this term, Ryan resigned and the party was transformed into The Right Choice Party

Detailed party elections

October 2008

Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
CV James Citizen862721.jpg 100%

November 2008

  • Total votes:6
  • Presence:9.38%
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
CV James Citizen862721.jpg 100%

December 2008

  • Total votes:29
  • Presence:45.31%
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
Tommy Tommasino Citizen1218851.jpg 19 65.52%
Primeminister Keogh Citizen1216122.jpg 6 20.69%
david707 Citizen1215325.jpg 4 13.79%

January 2009

  • Total votes:42
  • Presence:66.67%
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
Oexis Citizen1240622.jpg 27 64.29
Patrick Reckitt Citizen1235059.jpg 15 35.71

February 2009

  • Total votes:48
  • Presence:57.83%
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
Oexis Citizen1240622.jpg 33 68.75
Jamesy Unknown Person.jpg 6 12.50
thehorseltd Citizen1228843.jpg 5 10.42
Metalvolt Unknown Person.jpg 3 6.25
TheOnlyRyanCook Unknown Person.jpg 1 2.08

March 2009

  • Total votes:33
  • Presence:34.02
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
CV James Citizen862721.jpg 17 51.52%
thehorseltd Citizen1228843.jpg 12 36.26%
Jay J Jeffery Unknown Person.jpg 4 12.12%

April 2009

  • Total votes:37
  • Presence:33.04
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
Robalbinio Citizen1221054.jpg 18 48.65%
thehorseltd Citizen1228843.jpg 15 40.54%
bLzd Unknown Person.jpg 4 10.81%

May 2009

  • Total votes:18
  • Presence:18.95%
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
Tommy Tommasino Citizen1218851.jpg 10 55.56%
Calum Wilson Unknown Person.jpg 5 27.78%
connor davidson Unknown Person.jpg 3 16.67%

June 2009

  • Total votes:40
  • Presence:54.79%
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
Marcus Wyclif Unknown Person.jpg 25 62.50%
thehorseltd Citizen1228843.jpg 10 25%
fatmatt Unknown Person.jpg 5 12.50%

July 2009

  • Total votes:39
  • Presence:60.94%
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
RyanMcCulloch Citizen1372616.jpg 17 43.59%
Robalbinio Citizen1221054.jpg 15 38.46%
Nile Frater Unknown Person.jpg 6 15.38%
Bonnie Prince Charles Citizen891032.jpg 1 2.56%

August 2009

  • Total votes:6
  • Presence:20.69%
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
RyanMcCulloch Citizen1372616.jpg 5 83.33%
fatmatt Unknown Person.jpg 1 16.67%

September 2009

  • Total votes:4
  • Presence:19.05%
Name Portrait Votes Percentage (%)
Julius Sterling Unknown Person.jpg 2 50%
malta_1990 Citizen596922.png 2 50%

Directorial positions

There were several directorial positions within the MDU and this is the list of some of them with known directors listed.

Foreign Affairs Director

Foreign Affairs Director was one of the senior positions within the MDU and was created by CV James after his reformation of the party in October 2008.

Date Officer
27th November 2008 - January 2009 (est) Richard York

Electoral Director

Created by Party President Oexis based on an original idea by the positions first holder, thehorseltd, the MDU's Electoral Director assisted the Party President in organising elections.

Date Officer
15th January 2009 - March 2009 (est) thehorseltd

Health and Education Director

Health and Education Director (originally referred as Health and Education Spokesperson) was one of the senior positions within the MDU and was created by CV James after his reformation of the party in October 2008. However, the position was never filled under his leadership.

Tommy Tommasino appointed Primeminister Keogh the party's first Health and Education Spokesperson on 19th December 2008.

Date Officer
19th December 2008 - 15th January 2009 Primeminister Keogh
15th January 2009 - March 2009 (est) Tommy Tommasino

Membership Director

Membership Director was one of the senior positions within the MDU and was created by CV James, as the Press Liason and Membership Officer after his reformation of the party in October 2008.

The position was renamed to "Membership Officer" by Tommy Tommasino when he was elected Party president.

Date Officer Notes
8 November 2008 - 15th December 2008 Tommy Tommasino Press Liason and Membership Officer
16th December 2008 - 15th January 2009 Oexis Membership Officer
15th January 2009 - March 2009 (est) Horice P Fossil and IndieKid Membership Directors

Society, Economics and Trade Director‎

Society, Economics and Trade Director is one of the senior positions within the Movement for Democratic Unity and was created by CV James after his reformation of the party in October 2008.

Previously called the Economics and Trade Spokesperson, the position was merged with the position of Social Spokesperson in November 2008.

Date Spokesperson
31 October 2008 - 15 January 2009 Json
15 January 2009 - March 2009 (est) Primeminister Keogh

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