Narodnaja Hramada

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Narodnaja Hramada

Party-Narodnaja Hramada.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Belarus.jpg Belarus
Abbreviation NH
Colors red, grey
Founded March 2011
Dissolved Unknown
President Poltavets Aleksej
Members 60
Congress Occupancy 4/13 (40%)
Succeeds NPB
Succeeded By Pravy Aljans
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Narodnaja Hramada - Belarusian for National Society - was a Belorussian far-right party. The party was created after the Belarus-Hungary War in March 2011.

It was the biggest party of Belarus.

Party succeeded NPB party and followed it's main principles.


A list of Narodnaja Hramada presidents and congressman:

Year Month Party president Mandate Number of congressmen
2011 March Lanckaron 1st 18/47
2011 April Lanckaron 2nd 18/47
2011 May Ян Лысы 1st 6/15
2011 June Nik Amerman 1st 0/0


Narodnaja Hramada had its own militia - EMC Belarus.