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Exclamation.png Feature Removed

This feature has been removed from the game.

National goals are goals set by the nation's president during the presidential elections. Goals are in three categories, society, economy, and military. Achieving a goal will earn the country a monument. National goals were announced to the community in an eRepublik Insider article on November 26 2009.

Setting goals

A temporary Goal is a goal set in the campaign editor but which has not been activated.

If a user sets a goal, then accesses another page , and then returns in the editor, the temporary goal will still be there.

A permanent goal is a temporary goal that has been activated, making it visible in the candidates list, party page, elections page

Selection Conditions

  • If a certain mission (not type!) has been chosen in a confirmed Goal, it will not be displayed when making the selections for the other Goals
  • exception, you can choose "conquer new regions" several times, but the country you select in one will not be available for a second goal
  • because there is only one social mission, and only one economic mission , economic or social type can each be selected for only one of the goals

Activate Campaign - displayed only while the goals are NOT permanent

  • if one sets a goal, it is considered temporary, until activate campaign is pressed, and then it becomes permanent, along with the other 2 goals
  • all 3 goals must be set, otherwise pressing the activate campaign will just give a notice without changing the status of any goal
  • the action of editing a goal edits only the goal "value", it does not change the goal's status, a temporary goal will remain temporary, and a permanent goal will remain permanent

Reset Campaign - is displayed instead of "Activate Campaign" after the goals have become permanent

Back to party - displayed all the time. Does not have any effect on the goals, just redirects the user to his party

Viewing goals

National Goals
Icon - national goals set.jpg
National goals are set the day after a presidential election, the 6th of the month. A country's National Goals can be seen by clicking Country stats. Achieved Monuments can also be seen on this page.450px

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