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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

New Zealand Army

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Remember Otago

General Information
Disbanded N/A
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Region Otago
Commanded by Ministry of Defence

The New Zealand Army was the military force charged with defending New Zealand territory and aiding her allies. It was formed on October 6th, 2010. Throughout its existence it has undergone two major re-organizations and has remained one of the few institutions not tainted by NZ's historical linguistic tensions.

Command chain


  • Commander and Chief

Security Council:

  • Minister of Defence
  • NZSF Commander(s)


The NZ Army operated as the official military unit of New Zealand. Any individual with NZ citizenship was entitled to apply for membership in either of its divisions. The NZ Army operated two divisions, each with specific requirements.

The NZSF was for fighters with a strength greater then 2,500 and the NZDF is for fighters with a strength of less than 2,500.


The New Zealand Army (NZA) was formed on October 6th, 2010, on the same day that NZ was officially introduced into the New World. It was originally staffed by members from the Provisional Government, most notably Darkmantle, WahooBob, Chetan Zapato, Gaius Marcus, WelshLad and Crusadercarl. It was limited in its early membership to "English-Speakers" but this was changed during the Presidency of Calbe, when former Serbians and Slovenians joined the in sizable numbers.

The integration proved to be problematic early on, although compared to the political sphere, the integration was a much more harmonious and accepted affair. Leading figures from the Serb/Slovenian community like Don KronoX, Koska de STRAH and loader engaged in the NZA and build up lasting relations with other soldiers. This helped to transition towards a more cooperative membership that sought to avoid the tensions of the political realm.

First Organization

However, it was not until the 1st Presidency of Don KronoX, that the NZA underwent true reform. Dissident members like Darkmantle and Gaius Marcus, who opposed the Serbian influence, were slowly removed for more cooperative members like Crusadercarl and Xanthar Zaiban. A less cumbersome leadership structured was introduced, that sought to make the NZA a more efficient and effective entity. It also sought to create lasting ties with the Angry Angels, a militia formed by former Slovenians.

Since then, the NZA has emerged as an efficient and effective fighting force. It has opened numerous "weapons companies" and "food companies" which it encourage citizens to work in during war times. It also has access to soldiers from across NZ and through its allied nations. Thanks to its diverse membership, the NZA has ties to other leading militias around the globe.

Second Organization

The NZA underwent even more drastic reforms under the presidency of Crusadercarl. The army was divided into two seperat military units, the New Zealand Special Forces (NZSF) and the New Zealand Defence Forces (NZDF).

Affiliated Militias

The NZA had formal ties with three "unofficial" militias in NZ. These units operated independently of the Army but have their members engage in wars through the various NZ MPP's. They also took orders from the NZ Ministry of Defense on priority fights and any defensive battles.

The affiliated militias were: