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{{User Dioist}}
{{User Dioist}}
[[Category:WikiProject Thailand members]]
[[Category:WikiProject Thailand members]]

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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen
God Emperor Dio Brando of the Crescent and Star This user is a proud Dioist.

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Nitrous Oxide

15 Message

Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Thailand.jpg Thai
National rank 117
Date of birth May 11, 2009 (Day 903)
Date of death June 2010
Residence Central Thailand
Political party Thai Military Party
Faith Dioism
Congressman of North-Eastern Thailand
May 25, 2009 –
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Nitrous Oxide is an American-born Thai citizen. He is a reincarnate of Allan Dobrowolski He is the author of the newspaper A Passage to Bangkok and the General manager of TF lndustries.

Citizen Life

List of Residences

This is a chronological list of the regions that Nitrous Oxide has been in with the intention of living there. It does not include temporary stays and visits in regions.

Country Region Date Arrived Date Departed
Icon-USA.png USA California May 11, 2010 May 12, 2010
Icon-USA.png USA Karnataka May 12, 2010 May 17, 2010
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand Central Thailand May 17, 2010 n/a

Achievements & Trophies

Nitrous Oxide has obtained 2 trophies in total, split between 2 separate achievements.

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Hard Worker (x1)
Icon achievement Country President off.gif Country President (x0)
No progress
File:Icon achievement supersoldier off.gif Super Soldier (x0)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress Member (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero off.gif Battle Hero (x0)
No progress
Icon achievement Media Mogul off.gif Media Mogul (x0)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero off.gif Resistance Hero (x0)
No progress
Icon achievement Society Builder off.gif Society Builder (x0)


Death of Nitrous Oxide was discovered in September 2010 but he has been dead since June 2010.