Olga Citizen

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Olga Citizen

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth May 02, 2009 - Day 529
Date of death 2010
Sex Female
Congress member of Australia
July 26, 2009 – October 25, 2009
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant***.png Lieutenant***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Olga Citizen was a citizen of Australia.


Olga Citizen is unemployed, and is yet to earn any Hard Worker achievements.

Olga Citizen is a former employee of the companies run by the Australian Defence Department.


Olga Citizen has reached the military rank of Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant.

Olga Citizen has achieved 1 Super Soldier Achievement.


Olga Citizen first became involved in Australian Politics when she ran as a Congress member of the Northern Territory. This she did in July of 2009, running as a member of the Australian Independents Party. In August, she re-ran for congress in the Northern Territory, and was again successful in this attempt. In September, Olga Citizen was successful in being elected to Senate for a third consecutive term, again, in the Northern Territory.


The most contraversial impact that Olga Citizen has had in Australian politics was the Presidential Impeachment Bill of then Prime Minister Ranger Bob. This was due to Olga Citizen being on the Ausrep IRC room one day, overhearing citizens joking about impeaching Ranger Bob, and assuming that this was wanted by most Senators.


Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 3x Congress Member
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 1x Super Soldier