Operation Unity Makes Strength

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Unity Makes Strength
Bashkimi Bën Fuqi
Map of OperationUnity Makes StrengthOperacioniBashkimi Bën Fuqi
Date 24 July 2013 –
28 July 2013
Location Flag-Albania.jpg Albania
Result Albania regains original territories
Territorial Changes Tirana, Albanian Coast, Southeastern Albania
Flag-Albania.jpg Albania Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Flag-India.jpg India
Commanders and Leaders
Shadow Striker

Operation "Unity Makes Strength" (Albanian: Bashkimi ben Fuqine) was a nation-wide call of citizens in Icon-Albania.png Albania to join in an attempt for achieving rewards in the 2nd Military Units Tournament. It began on Day 2073 of the New World (24th of July) and is meant to last throughout the tournament and exceed 2 weeks in addition to securing the rewards which were accumulated from the tournament.


At the beginning of Day 2073 of the New World, word had been announced that a new tournament of the military units was going to be held starting the day after its announcement. This news was greeted with much joy from the citizens of it, yet many proved to be disconcerted by the fact that Icon-Albania.png Albania did not score heavily in the first tournament on the scale of the World Ranking. As such fact began to gaze upon the citizens, many of them using their various newspapers from different military units started to give word for unity and shout out the many riches one could gather if all would join in one cause. Yet that still proved to be an attempt to gather forces only for the purpose of one’s military unit holding larger praise than the others. Bringing light to such new ideas, a number of highly experienced citizens started to suggest a meeting of all the commanders of the military units and discuss the issue at hand to attempt to reach a single idea as to where the citizens will stand during such a tournament. After a discussion of a few hours, the leaders of the strongest military units in the nation agreed that the only way reasonable to reach such a delicate matter is by joining, at the time, the only "national" military unit that existed for the sole purpose of training new citizens in Division 1. Its name F.P.ZH-Foundation for Development was to be alternated to Albanian Army (Albanian: Ushtria–Shqiptare) so that no other conflicts would rise upon. As the day hastened, the word had already spread out to everyone to join the Albanian Army and were aware of what was going on. This turned out to be the first time that such an organization found the citizens of Icon-Albania.png Albania truly united to a purpose.


After a quick addition to its wings, the Albanian Army selected a few of its loyal soldiers to supply the vast numbers of citizens who were ready to fight and give damage to for the tournament. Yet no real purpose was desired since, for months already, the Congress was secured after Icon-Albania.png Albania gave the order for an Airstrike to the lands of Icon-India.png India. But there still remained the original 3 lands in the south-west region of Balkan still under the occupation of Icon-Serbia.png Serbia. So a hastened resistance war was given birth, and the damage added to Albania's ranks quickly saw them in the top 50 of the most damage in the World Ranking. Though to secure further success and hold such a position, more had to be done in order to secure victory. As the citizens still held the damage to their side waiting for orders, two more resistance wars were started and this time one of them from Icon-India.png India. But as quick as the resistance war saw light, it vanished from the vast number of citizens fighting against Icon-India.png India. After such debacle given to Icon-India.png India, Icon-Albania.png Albania continuously gave their attention to the original lands of Icon-Serbia.png Serbia. Thus the resistance wars in all three regions were successfully won and Icon-Serbia.png Serbia was denied a direct route to its lands spreading as far as Icon-USA.png USA. A fight was offered from the Serbs, and much damage was dealt yet still didn’t prove enough to strike down Icon-Albania.png Albania.

Aftermath of Albania, and the 2nd Battle of Kosovo

The liberation of all three original lands from Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, saw the citizens of Icon-Albania.png Albania further determined to claim the region of Kosovo, which yet holds a great amount of pride for both sides. Though Kosovo in real life has already been known as de facto independent state, its status remains a "region" in the New World of eRepublik. Such "discrimination" is still causing trouble among the citizens of Icon-Albania.png Albania. Such trouble that it saw them declare direct attack against Icon-Serbia.png Serbia in Kosovo to claim the region. In the 2nd Battle of Kosovo Icon-Albania.png Albania failed to "conquer" that region of Kosovo, it was a suspicious win from the Serbian side, some sources said that the admins made some "tricks" during the battle. After this battle this Operation was finished, by the Albanian side it was a victory, they liberated their occupied lands and created a unification atmosphere among Albanians. In Day 2077 Icon-Belarus.png Belarus airstrikes Icon-Albania.png Albania and attacked Tirana that will be quickly conquered by Icon-Belarus.png Belarus, and so the Belarus-Albania War started and this operation officially finished because Icon-Albania.png Albania has no more border with Icon-Serbia.png Serbia.