Order of Nations of eRepublik

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Order of Nations of eRepublik
Flag of Order of Nations of eRepublik
Map of Order of Nations of eRepublik
Formation July 27th, 2010
Dissolution October 9th, 2010
Type Defensive
Members 7

The Order of Nations of eRepublik (abbr. Flag-Order of Nations of eRepublik.png ONE) was a defensive alliance. Seven nations signed onto its charter: Singapore, Israel, Austria, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Thailand, and Belgium. It was founded in July 2010, but lasted only until October 2010.

Charter of ONE

For the ONE Alliance Charter, see ONE Alliance Charter.


Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand were the founding members of the alliance. Both Malaysia and Thailand joined as members in exile, as both are under the occupation of a takeover force.

Flag Country Admission
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria Founding Member
Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium Founding Member
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic Founding Member
Flag-Israel.jpg Israel Founding Member
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia (In exile) Founding Member
Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore Founding Member
Flag-Thailand.jpg Thailand (In exile) Founding Member


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