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Coat-Pakistan.jpg Icon-Pakistan.png Coat-Pakistan.jpg
Flag of Pakistan   Coat of Arms of Pakistan

On the map

General rank 58
Country power 474
Anthem Qaumi tarana
Motto Pride, Power, Pakistan!
Capital North-West Frontier Province
Alliance WOLF
Language Urdu
Population 91
Average level 117
President Ahsan
Party Novaya Theokratia
Political titles
vCP Dio Hostilian
MoD The Dark Knight.
MoFA Ahsan
Governor Bhutto
Currency Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani Rupee (PKR)
Minimum salary Flag-Pakistan.jpg 1000.00 PKR
Average salary Flag-Pakistan.jpg 2841.16 PKR
Food bonus 100%
Weapon bonus No bonus
House bonus No bonus
Aircraft bonus No bonus
Territories 4
Natural enemy United Arab Emirates
IRC #Pakistan

Map of Pakistan

Last update 12 July 2022

The "Holy Empire of Pakistan" was once one of the largest countries in the New World, consisting of the territories of Pakistan, India, and China, dominating the geography of Central Asia. With the introduction of V1, it was agreed by many that Pakistan didn't hold a candle to its former glory, but nonetheless it was still a highly notorious nation. In January 2009, Pakistan entered a "Bro" alliance with the "Theocratic Nation of Switzerland". The native regions of Pakistan border China to the north, Iran to the north and west, Japan and India to the east, and Thailand to the south.

Pakistan, has seen many highs and lows over its history. Today, political infighting and skullduggery from power hungry warlords without principal, has set the glorious nation down a dark and dangerous path.

(The official Motto of Pakistan)

Icon allcountries.gif Geography

Pakistan started out with 4 regions: Balochistan (main city: Quetta), North-West Frontier Province (main city: Peshawar), Punjab (main city: Islamabad), and Sindh (main city: Karachi). In March 2008, Pakistan received a new region, Jammu and Kashmir (main city: Srinagar), bringing the total number of regions to 5. Unfortunately, this region was eventually converted permanently into an Indian region.

Icon-Pakistan.png Original Regions of Pakistan

Pakistan consists of 4 original regions. The original territory of Pakistan is composed of several regions: BalochistanNorth-West Frontier ProvincePunjab (occupied by Icon-Nigeria.png), and Sindh (occupied by Icon-Finland.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map
North-West Frontier Province Icon-capital.gif Icon-Pakistan.png Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum Region-North-West Frontier Province.png
Al Riyadh Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Icon - Grain.png Grain Region-Al Riyadh.png
Balochistan Icon-Pakistan.png Icon - Iron.png Iron Region-Balochistan.png
Chubu Icon-Japan.png Icon - Deer.png Deer Region-Chubu.png

Conquered Regions

Pakistan had rule over 7 regions of which 2 are originally Pakistani and 5 are originally Indian. List of Pakistani regions

Sindh (capital),
Jammu and Kashmir,


Population Density

Pakistan by population.

Punjab was the biggest region of Pakistan in population after it Sindh, N.W.F.P and Balochistan were populated regions .

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Top 5 most experienced players in Pakistan

Nickname Experience level
1. zRTx 1445
2. The Dark Knight. 1402
3. Ahsan 947
4. S.C.A.N 736
5. Dio Pancevo 667
  • Updated: January 5th, 2023

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Top 5 strongest players in Pakistan

Nickname Strength
1. The Dark Knight. 364,588
2. Dio Hostilian 337,996
3. somaka 333,741
4. Frodo Tea Baggins 323,226
5. Dio Pancevo 315,080
  • Updated: January 5th, 2023

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif Top 5 patriots in Pakistan

Nickname Damage
1. The Dark Knight. 5,478,915,605,157
2. zRTx 1,549,357,703,475
3. Dio Pancevo 1,080,213,859,673
4. Ahsan 663,623,897,525
5. Dio Hostilian 310,964,529,150
  • Updated: January 5th, 2023

Geographic History

After the war with India, all 16 of India's regions became a part of Pakistan, bringing the total number of regions to 21.

After the war with China, Pakistan's size increased to a total of 50 regions.

Due to an agreement between Pakistan's and Indonesia's leaders, Pakistan ceded its lands to Indonesia. This was to aid Indonesia in their war against Romania.

While under PTO, the native Pakistanis got their allies to attack Pakistan so it could still be under the control of PEACE. The war against Indonesia demolished the country.

After the PTOers were driven out, Pakistan had Punjab returned. This was Pakistan's only region for a long time as to minimise the risk of another PTO.

Around late 2009, Pakistan's remaining regions were returned due to resistance wars not funded by the Pakistani Government as this went against current plans.

Due to Pakistan seemingly increasing in strength yet again India decided to attack Pakistan. They cited that Pakistan had betrayed Asia for helping Serbia. Unfortunately for [[India], Pakistan adopted a similar strategy as they had done with Indonesia and had Serbia temporarily absorb them.

Pakistan conquered all regions of India , but china interfered (due to a deal) and attacked Pakistan, China had to conquer 3 regions but it is conquering all regions and now Pakistan is a small country with only 4 regions.


BETA Pakistan

In late November 2007, the population of Pakistan surged from less than twenty to hundreds[1], eventually to more than a thousand citizens by December until it was the most populated country in the New World. This title eventually went to Sweden and was the catalyst of Pakistan's feud with Sweden[2]. These new citizens of Pakistan formed the Stardust Crusaders party, under the leadership of the "God-Emperor" Dio Brando[3]. With such a huge following, Dio Brando easily took control of the country and this marked the birth of the Holy Empire of Pakistan[4].

At the beginning of the Beta stage, in order to provide food for its citizens the government of Pakistan made a deal with Le Parisius Consortium. Once the organization of the economy was done, Pakistan became self-sufficient and also one the first countries to have a complete hospital service.

Pakistan prided itself in its high amounts of high quality items for sale. Prices, although fixed, were moderate, inflation was low and the economy was only expanding as new recruits joined in. During the whole Beta stage, Pakistan was able to create thousands of units of food a day, having over 12,000 in stock at one moment.

While the war module was not to be installed until the end of March, many Pakistani citizens left due to boredom[5][6]. Pakistan had a peak of more than 1000 citizens during the Beta stage and, as of January 11, 2009, has a population of 293, with a very active central society.

After Pakistan conquering India with both sides agreeing to it and after China being politically taken over by Pakistanis and then declaring war to Pakistan, both India and China were annexed.

V1 Pakistan

With the introduction of V1, much of Pakistan's population left due to the changes introduced like quizzes and raw materials. This left Pakistan in a rather weak state and resulted in the Dark Ages of Pakistan.

Late November various rebels from all over the world started to fight in order to free China which resulted in Beijing becoming free. Pakistan tried with help from PEACE to put down the rebellions, but later two new regions were freed, one in India and one in China.

In December 2008, sir-farzad became the first non-Stardust Crusaders member to become President. Although he was later impeached and presidency went to AgentChieftain, this was a clear sign that the number of devout followers of Dio had dwindled.

Pakistan would continue to lose many regions, including some of its original regions to Iran. However this was a catalyst that would take Pakistan out of the dark ages and into a brighter future.

Pakistan for a long time has been seen as a individualist, even though it was in the PEACE alliance and thus in its time of need Pakistan has difficulty getting outside help. However with Pakistan struggling to support itself foreign help would soon arrive with citizens such as n3m0.[7] Although some came only to start companies which the native Pakistanis were reluctant to support, many were there to try and revive the former glory of the Holy Empire of Pakistan.[8] n3m0 had talks with Iran to have Pakistan's original regions returned[9] and even though this proved to be difficult and eventually fell through this line of thinking would help Pakistan kick start itself into action. In February 2009 Pakistan would see it's two regions returned after the presidents of Pakistan and Iran signed an agreement.[10]

At around the same time Pakistan saw one of its greatest highlights during V1. Dio returned from the dead and ran for the presidency of Switzerland.[11] This would lead to worldwide praise for Dio[12][13] and a new alliance for Pakistan.[14]

Unfortunately at this time, a new set of opportunists decided to free two more regions of China. As Pakistan was busy dealing with their own land they couldn't spare the strength to fight on multiple fronts and lost two Chinese regions.

In February 2009 an agreement between the President of Pakistan and Indonesia was struck. Indonesia would attack a Pakistan region and AgentChieftain would withdraw ending the war in minutes.[15] This would help clear a path for Indonesia to attack Romania.

Pakistan is currently more focused on it's "Brotherhood" with Switzerland and many have moved on vacation to help the new nation.

The Han Solo Age

An example of how well run Pakistan was.

In what can be considered a text book case study on why Pakistan should only be run by bros (Dio Brando and AgentChieftain), Han Solo managed to turn Pakistan from a great country to an abysmal one. With the war between Indonesia and Romania underway, other Pakistani have moved to help in the war. With only a few left, an outsider called Han Solo decided to run for presidency and got a few buddies to vote him in. Fortunately his lack of experience means he thinks making a comment in an article equals a new law, which they don't.[16] one of these failed rules was to call Pakistan Matzalandia. Perhaps a good idea, so this stain in history isn't associated with Pakistan, but as the rest of the world and the native Pakistan don't recognise this name, it won't come to pass. According to HanSolo, the country isn't a democracy, but due to the game's mechanics, it still is. Outsiders however have given it the more appropriate title of Failtocracy [17]. The only rules officially passed are donations to dodgy accounts and trading embargoes, ironic as the latter of which Pakistan already did. While they did successfully take over Pakistan, they failed to consider Pakistan's allies, Indonesia and Iran who have both successfully conquered land[18][19], shrinking Pakistan considerably.


After arranging an agreement with the leaders of Iran and Indonesia, Pakistan received independence in its most valuable region, Punjab, on May 22, 2009. A government headed by Dio Brando and AgentChieftain took power the following day and, along with a wave of fresh support from Pakistanis new and old, seeks to rebuild Pakistan and restore its status as an economic and military power. Iran and Indonesia have also arranged to return all of the former Pakistani core regions to Pakistan.

Pakistan in 2010-2011

Pakistan was briefly wiped off the map in early February 2010 by India, but 2 of the original regions of Pakistan have since been returned by Serbia. In 2011, Pakistan was the home to a Dioist Exodus primarily from America led by Max McFarland 2. During this period, India was conquered by Pakistan and eventually, wiped from the map entirely. However, soon after, the Exodus internally broke apart and due to some conflicts of interest with China, Pakistan soon lost its newfound regions in India. During the negotiations with China, kualkerr, though playing no part in the negotiations or the Government at the time, insulted the Chinese President which became a catalyst for the Chinese occupation of Sindh and the North-West Frontier Province.

North West Frontier Province was liberated by mercenaries paid for by Kualkerr, in a non-Government action. A few days later, India at the time occupied in a Training War with Pakistan, turned it into a full-fledged war with China; Sindh, North-West Frontier Province and Balochistan were occupied by China whereas Punjab was occupied by India. However, Punjab was liberated a few weeks later. India later attacked Pakistan under the guise of a Training War of which Pakistan had no prior knowledge of, India signed 6 MPP's in the days before the attack on Punjab and fought quite heavily which led to it being thought a hostile action by Pakistan. Pakistan successfully defended the Punjab and attacked India, eventually, wiping it off the map completely on Day 1,333. During this time, the regions occupied by China were liberated by ONE, primarily Serbian, forces. Then China recovered its regions and attacked Pakistan , Pakistan was conquered for more than a month, after that, with help of ONE, Pakistan liberated Balochistan.

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Economy

The economy was controlled completely by the God-Emperor, Dio Brando. Prices, supply, and even wages were controlled by Dio. Wages were set fairly to allow for cheaply produced goods. A wage and price guide for particular quality companies was set up rigidly and Pakistani were expected to change jobs to higher-quality companies as their skill advanced. Only companies approved by the God-Emperor and run by his most loyal advisors received state funding, while the public refused to purchase from non-licensed companies.

The Pakistani had mostly isolated their market, and did not trade with other countries. Few Pakistani companies ever sold their products in foreign lands. Foreign companies that tried to sell to Pakistan were ignored by the public, both to provide only stimulus to the local economy and because Pakistani goods were much cheaper due to the standardized wages.

With the introduction of V1, this economic model was not sustainable. The maximum productivity meant having many small companies supplanted Pakistan's state-sponsored companies. Also with the introduction of resources, a great shortage soon followed meaning many companies suffered. The majority of workers leaving also meant that virtually every company was abandoned. The productivity issue remained throughout the V1, but became a major hurdle for Pakistan during the eRepublik: Rising where aside from wars of strength, wars of productivity also intensified. The rising update coincided with Pakistan's ongoing war against India under Max McFarland 2, which led to Pakistan conquering India. As a reaction, Indian population infiltrated into Pakistani job market, working with low health and happiness, which led to extremely low productivity and losses for the Pakistani industries. The impact of it was disastrous and caused several companies to cease operations in an already difficult environment. The issue was later resolved with the advent of V3, which eliminated productivity issue. As of late, Pakistan's market has been slow due to low population. Since the resource updates, Pakistan has lost its resources in all three regions except Balochistan, which is now the only Pakistani region with resources and one of the regions globally with high aircraft weapon bonuses. While the economy has slowed down, the government expenses are low to none due to a lack of war activity in Pakistan, with the exception of training wars.


The currency of Pakistan is the Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani Rupee (PKR).

Icon-taxes.gif Taxes

Gwadar housing scheme provided top quality jobs in Pakistan.
Khyber Arms Company was one of top-rated company in Pakistan. Operating in Wah-cantt, Punjab.
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 1% 1% 1%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 1% 1% 1%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft weapon 1% 1% 1%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Moving ticket 1% 1% 1%
Icon - House Q3.png House 1% 1% 1%
Raw material Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - Aircraft Weapon Raw Materials.png Aircraft weapon raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 1% 1% -
  • Updated: April 14th, 2020

Country Trading Embargoes

As of September 2019, Pakistan has imposed no trading embargoes.

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Politics

Dio in the presidential office.


Pakistan was the only absolute empire in all of the New World. Crowned by the "sand people" as their God-Emperor, Dio Brando has won every presidential election prior to May 2008 (when he appointed Falcon, his top advisor, to take his place so he can join the 300 on the battlefield) with over ninety percent of the vote, and his party, Stardust Crusaders, monopolized congress and local mayors' offices. The Pakistani considered his word law, and all voting, be it in elections or the legislature, were only formalities.

Rise of Other Political Factions

Over the period non-dioist political forces have emerged in Pakistan. The came into limelight in October 2009. The first instance of this was Pakistan Democratic Coalition created by Ahsan Shahabz and pak_land. In recent times, other political forces have emerged, such as Pakistan Revolutionary Front, Democratic Party of Pakistan, and The Saeein Party. However, Pakistan has witnessed mounting political tensions from time to time, resulting in form of conflicts which led to departure of experienced players, resulting in form of population decline and transfer of power into the hands of a handful of individuals, most of which were not capable of handling the country's affairs.

Icon position party member.gif Government

The Parliament debating over new law proposals

Government Departments

Below is the list of key government departments and offices in Pakistan:

Icon position party president.gif Political Parties

House Of Ministers in Islamabad
Rank Logo Party Name Initials Political Stance Party President Members
1. Party-Stardust Crusaders v2.jpg -Vento Aureo- VA Far-left, Totalitarian Dio Hostilian 11
2. Thunder Assault Squad.png AWAMI ITTEHAD AI Center-left, Totalitarian Dio Pancevo 5
4. Party-Novaya Theokratia.png Novaya Theokratia NT Far-left, Totalitarian zRTx 4
3. Party-Pakistan Falcon.jpg PAKISTAN FALCON PF Center-left, Authoritarian somaka 4
  • Updated: July 12th, 2022

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress

Pakistani congress has historically been subject to repeated infiltration of political takeover agents, mostly originating from Ukraine and Croatia, which is why congress election of Pakistan has been a blend of political activity and concern regarding a potential political takeover. Long after Dio's departure, the new generation of mostly-native Pakistanis began to take steps to ensure political stability and minimization of PTO. Pakistan Revolutionary Front was the brainchild of Policy, which surfaced as the foremost party of Pakistan. With most of ePakistani citizens joining the party, a strong political system was finally formulated. The presence of PRF had long-lasting effects, which led to stabilized and risk-free elections.

Pakistan's efforts brought fruit under raao's first presidential term in 2011, when he charged then-minister hamis11 with the additional task of anti-takeover, which led to a shift in Pakistan's ATO doctrine from reactive to proactive. Instead of waiting for the results, the ATO team then brought analytics into use and actively searched for all the accounts operating within the country bounds. Once the potential accounts were identified, the administration was notified which led to the banning and removal of suspicious accounts. Within a few weeks, nearly a hundred accounts were banned and the PTO risk was wiped out of the country. During that period, it was the first time since Dio's era that elections were held with zero risks of a political takeover. However, the doctrine was not maintained by future governments, as authorities after a few years became indolent, which again led to the rise of PTOers, who then took benefit of the political strife between parties and eventually infiltrated the congress.

Wiki Link blackbook.jpg Education

See also: Falcon University of Creative Knowledge

The Falcon University of Creative Knowledge was one of the most prestigious institution of higher education in the Holy Empire of Pakistan, as well as the first and only collegiate school in eRepublik. It was founded by Great Vizier Falcon to teach politics, economics, and warfare to the people of Pakistan. The university is strictly Dioist, but the headmasters are considering the opening application to the followers of The Path.

See Minister Of Education

See also

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Society

Main article: Culture of Pakistan

Citizen-shape.gif Citizen-shape.gif Population

The population of Pakistan was very low in mid-2009, when it faced major hurdles on its way to success. During the late 80s, the population streaked up by a 25% increase as new players came into existence and became citizens of the Hoy Empire. Pakistan's population is on the average scale compared to other nations, but perfect for its current government, jobs, wellness and money are moving around just about perfectly. However, people are encouraged to join and become a citizen of Pakistan.

Citizen-shape.gif Citizen-shape.gif Citizen-shape.gif Migration and New Players

See also: Virginization

Pakistan is a world leading country within the South-Asian region, with its own migration and education sector. Pakistan has several organisations working hard to increase the population of the country and as well help new players with questions and as well teach them how to play erepublik.

In December 2009, the President of Pakistan BGBW brought back the citizenship ritual called Virginization[20] which requires applicants to complete Bad Dudes before their request is considered. But Policy in an unquestionable act of blasphemy, and anti-dioist hatred removed the policy.

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Military

Main article: Pakistani Peace Corps
Pakistani Sand Soldier off to war.

Every Pakistani, young or old, weak or strong, man or woman, was expected to join the Pakistani Peace Corps. The Pakistani Peace Corps was among the most renowned and potent military forces in eRepublik, having a lengthy history of victories and was known throughout the eWorld for being well-organized and well-trained.

The vast majority of its soldiers had one to two month head start in training compared with the other military superpowers. Pakistan has repeatedly expressed a desire to unite the world under its banner and bring true peace to the fractured and warlike peoples of foreign nations.

There were two major lines of service one can experience in Pakistani Peace Corps, the Peacekeepers and the The 300.

As of 23rd March 2010, the elected President decided upon upgrading and organizing the country's military; under the name of Pakistani Armed Forces. Divisions and sub-divisions were decided upon, commanders were assigned, soldiers were put into squads, a more organised and powerful Pakistan was brought into being. However, the Pakistan Armed Forces ended and is now a defunct organization. Pakistan Army has taken over the role of Pakistan Army and Special Services Group. These two combined form military might of Pakistan.

The table below lists Pakistan's Military Groups :-

Country Established Commander
Indigenous nameLogoMembers
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Pakistani Armed Forces
Dioism.png Stardust Crusaders 25 N/A Sturmwaltzing
Default coat of arms.png Thunder Assault Squad 7 Day 1,384 Wadera Ka Beta
Guards OF Green.jpg Guards OF Green 6 Day 3,340 St0L3n1
Pakistan (military unit).png Pakistan 2 Day 2,771 Ahsan
Default coat of arms.png Pakistan Armed Forces 3738 Day 3,375 T I U N A
Dioism.jpg Exercitus Imperialis 3 Day 4,186 Dio Hostilian
Special Services Group.png Special Services Group 2265 Day 1,865 Emperor S.A.M
Default coat of arms.png Mujahideen Occupation Group 6 Day 1,197 somaka
Default coat of arms.png Federal Operation Group 11 Day 3,660 soneras
LASHKER.jpg LASHKER 1 Day 2,628 Miso Kovac 2nd
  • Updated: April 14th, 2020

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - ground battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Ground) in Pakistan

Nickname Damage
1. The Dark Knight. 507,175,063,098
2. zRTx 474,806,929,184
3. MightyGreen 147,236,686,279
4. iBradonja 112,843,884,443
5. Ahsan 94,536,156,981

Last update: July 2022

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - aircraft battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Air) in Pakistan

Nickname Damage
1. S.C.A.N 32,270,002
2. The Dark Knight. 28,537,298
3. zRTx 25,982,310
4. Ahsan 19,620,869
5. Dio Hostilian 13,526,367

Last update: July 2022

Original Regions

Icon-pact.gif Alliance

Pakistan was formerly a member of PEACE GC. Pakistan infamously pretended to be a member of Sol[21]. Sol invited Pakistan into the alliance but never realised that Pakistan never actually agreed to it. Yet despite this, they gave Pakistan power within the alliance. Sol expelled Pakistan from the alliance for bringing Serbia into Asia. Pakistan struggled to get held with any of Alliance for almost 2 years. In March 2013 after getting rid of pro-COT label in the presidency of St0L3n1, Pakistan started to build it's relations with neighboring countries and became a neutral country. Pakistan doesn't stay neutral for long when Pakistan received an invitation NaN to join the Alliance in TheJakal presidency. It was an experiment from the Pakistan point of view to join NaN. There was conflict with Malaysia after the fail attempt of NAP between Thailand & Malaysia which was organized by St0L3n1 & TheJakal. Since then Pakistan was not comfortable in NaN, Pakistan stayed in NaN for three months and then left NaN during TheJakal presidency. After there long journey in many alliance Pakistan finally decided to form a new alliance with its regional neighbor Egypt & Saudi Arabia. Under the leadership of St0L3n1, Pakistan becomes a founding member of WOLF.

Founding members of WOLF (Pakistan)

Pakistan has Mutual Protection Pacts with the following nation(s):

This country doesn't have any mutual protection pacts at the moment.

Fight-war.gif Current Wars

Pakistan is currently at war with the following nation(s): N/A

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif Media

See also: Stardust Crusaders Propaganda

Since the beginning, ePakistan is the centre of newspapers and the best articles, almost every best writer and biggest newspapers belonged to ePakistan, almost every player has a newspaper.

See also