Pakistan-India War

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Pakistan-India War
Map of Pakistan-India War
Date 16 April 2008 –
-21 April 2008
Location Asia
Result India annexed
Fights 22
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan Flag-India.jpg India
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Dio Brando Flag-India.jpg Illuminati
Battles Fought 22 (Pakistan won 21, India 0)
Fights Won Pakistan 7; India 10
Draw Fights 5

The Pakistan-India War was a military conflict between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan was a relatively small state with territory encompassing only 5 regions. India with its 16 regions was a sparsely populated and weak state.

Pakistan declared war on India on April 16, 2008. On April 21, 2008, after a series of military engagements, Pakistan completely annexed the territory of India. This annexation signaled the end of the war.

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