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Papa Frantz

21 Message

Nationality Flag-France.jpg French
National rank 14
Date of birth November 26th, 2007
Residence Aquitaine, France
Sex Male
Mayor of Metz
21 December 2008 – 20 May 2008
President of France
2 July 2008 – 1 August 2008
Preceded by Meza
Succeeded by num
Mayor of Ajaccio
21 September 2008 – 15 October 2008
Congressman of France
2 October 2008 – 25 January 2009
President of France
6 February 2009 – 5 March 2009
Preceded by Ulysse
Succeeded by droopy32
Congressman of Corsica
26 March 2009 – 25 April 2009
Congressman of Aquitaine
26 September 2011 – 25 October 2011
Military rank Icon rank Private.png [[Military rank|Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal]]
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Papa Frantz is a politician from France.

Papa joined Erepublik thanks to one of the famous Mobuzz.tv podcasts [1]. Lying on his bed with his iPod, Papa had a revelation. When he heard Civilization, Risk, social networking, he knew his fate was written.


Started as a simple worker at Carrefour where he was hired by Cicero for 5FRF per day.

Bought a 40%-share in Architekto (Housing company, owned by Machette) in April 2008 in order to finance the Q3 upgrade.

Then he built the So-Do syndicate jointly with Machette, num, Enze and Inzemix.

As Machette and num resigned from their Director seat, Papa is the main shareholder and CEO of :

As Papa refuses to pay gold to get a license to sell in France - his native and only country - World War II has killed the activity of these 4 companies, laying off 54 employees.

In 2011 or so, all this was but good memories. Papa holds a well mounted land with 4 rubber stuffs and plenty deers, food and 2 weapons Q5. But who cares?


Papa joined PSD on November 28th and then BPA on August 10th. He resigned in order to join the French Legion.

Several times mayor of Metz, he has been appointed first Minister of Defence in April 2008 by President meza. He co-founded the French Legion, on a doctrine proposal by Enze. He also set the first command structure of the French Reserve Army.

He has been elected official congressman for Corsica on November 26th, 2008.

Further on, still very active at the France Constitution committee which workshop he initiated during his first presidency, in July 2008, he returned to politics during the Spanish attempt to take-over, first the French congress, then the France presidency (February 6th, 2009). For the second time of New World history, he was elected President of France.

Until April 2009, he remained in charge of leading the Assemblée Constituante in charge of setting the first Constitution of France

Because of wine troubles, Papa to get elected as Congressman under the banner of the CDVCD or so.


As Minister of Defence, he managed to convince President meza that a joined attack on Switzerland with Italy would be a solution to many internal and external uncertainties. He was obviously part of the fights against Switzerland.

He was Field Marshal, formerly part of the Rainbow Six French Legion Commando (though temporary posted out during his Congress mandate) and commander of the 1st French Reserve regiment de kékettes.

Don't ask how but those military ranks have dropped with some new realease. Papa is now somewhere in the middle. Of nowhere.


Vivre libre, ou pas is the newspaper owned and published by Papa Frantz. There are about 230 readers subscribed to this newspaper.