Partido Demócrata de la República Argentina

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Partido Demócrata de la República Argentina

Party-Partido Demócrata de la República Argentina.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Abbreviation P.D.R.A
Forum Forum
Founded March 2008?
Dissolved 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Partido Conversador
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Partido Demócrata de la República Argentina was a political party in Argentina, one of the first established in Argentina. The party provided several Mayors in the Beta version of the game, and also several Presidents during its history.

Party Presidents

This is the list of known party presidents.

Month Elected Party president
October 2008 Zhow
November 2008 Jake Logan
December 2008 Jake Logan
January 2009 Krakonico
February 2009 ElRomano
March 2009 Psicoheroe
April 2009 Zielinski
May 2009 GobCba-AR
June 2009 GobCba-AR
July 2009 Apocalipsis
August 2009 Morlak
September 2009 Morlak
October 2009 GobCba.AR.
November 2009 Leandro Emiliano
December 2009 N/A
January 2010 Sir Ermac
February 2010 Newells
March 2010 christian123
April 2010 nicefaro
May 2010 IvanLeproso
June 2010 Newells[1]
July 2010 Sir Ermac
August 2010 Wilder Llama
September 2010 Sir Ermac
October 2010 Leuhen
November 2010 Manu_LPDA

Country Presidents

This is the list of presidents elected who were supported by PDRA.

Month Elected President
April 2008 Juan Ignacio
May 2008 Juan Ignacio
June 2008 Pier
July 2008 Pier
January 2009 Siddy
September 2009 Apocalipsis