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Nationality Flag-Romania.png Romanian
National rank 1221
Date of birth 31st March 2009 - Day 497
Residence Bucovina
Sex Male
Newspaper Gog and Magog
President of Republic of Moldova
January 06, 2010 – March 05, 2010
Preceded by simon santo
Succeeded by Lady Indra
President of Romania
April 2012 –
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Maniu is a former President of the Republic of Moldova and Romania.


Maniu was employed by SMART Q1 WEAPONS.

Maniu has earnt 14 Hard Worker achievements.


Maniu has reached the military rank of Supreme Marshal

Maniu has earnt 24 Super Soldier achievements.


Maniu is not currently a member of a political party, but was previously a member of the Basarabia Pamant Romanesc party.

Maniu has spent 9 terms in Congress.

Maniu has also been elected as President of the Republic of Moldova on two occasions in the past. In the first occasion, Maniu beat of fellow candidate M bogdan, in January 2010. In February 2010, he again won, this time against avevali and Smif.


Maniu owns the newspaper Gog and Magog.