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! Old !! New !! USA !! Belarus !! Ukraine !! Bulgary !! Far Eastern  
! Old !! New !! USA !! Belarus !! Ukraine !! Bulgary !! Far Eastern  

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Phoenix Academy

Phoenix Academy.jpg

Igni Et Ferro

General Information
Country Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Total Soldiers 70
Commanded by Kentavr
2nd Commander luckyalex
Part of Phoenix Elite Squad


On November, 17th in year 2011, after much deliberation and careful planning were merged two Military Units: Russian Imperial Corps and elite squad Phoenix. New Military Unit was called the «Phoenix Academy».


Atricle about formation

Becoming a member

  • Have >750 and <5000 strenght
  • Have Russian citizenship
  • Become a member of Military Unit


Old New USA Belarus Ukraine Bulgary Far Eastern
Phoenix Academy Old.jpg Phoenix Academy.jpg Phoenix Academy USA.jpg Phoenix Academy Belarus.jpg Phoenix Academy Ukraine.jpg 100px Phoenix Academy FarEastern.jpg

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