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:First Charter — 14 December 2009
:Formation: {{Day|602|from=erep}} (''Day 602'')
:First Charter — 14 December 2009 (''{{Day|14 December 2009}}'')
:{{eLink|article|1879475|Набор в отряд}}
:{{eLink|article|1879475|Набор в отряд}}

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Phoenix Elite Squad.jpg

Elite Military Unit of Russia

General Information
Country Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Total Soldiers 70
Commanded by Sniper48
2nd Commander Sodiaan

Becoming a member

  • Having >5000 strenght
  • Having level >37
  • Having Russian citizenship
  • Becoming a member of Military Unit


Formation: Jul 14, 2009 (Day 602)
First Charter — 14 December 2009 (755)
Набор в отряд


old New USA Belarus Ukraine Bulgary Far Eastern
Phoenix Elite Squad Old.jpg Phoenix Elite Squad.jpg Phoenix Elite Squad USA.jpg Phoenix Elite Squad Belarus.jpg Phoenix Elite Squad Ukraine.jpg 120px 120px

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