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Poco Curantism

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth October 12, 2013
Date of death May 2016 (est)
Residence New Jersey
Sex Genderless
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Unknown Pleasures
Supreme Prophet of Dioism
President of Pakistan
February 2014 – March 2014
Preceded by Mehmood25
Succeeded by Vigoncalves86
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Poco Curantism, previously known as David Smythe, Drumble, and Dio.Brando, was a prophet, philosopher, poet and Sacred Protector of Dioism. The story of Poco Curantism is one of great mystery and intrigue, with some believing him to be a direct descendant of the God Emperor Dio Brando himself.

Emerging from Sand

Poco Curantism first appeared in Pakistan during a period of great chaos and uncertainty. During this time he adopted the form of Drumble, dressed only in rough shod burlap, his hair and eyes covered in the Holy Sand of the desert in which he had been wandering for many years. When he arrived in Karachi he was a mere sack of skin and cloth. His physical self bedraggled and weary. The citizens of Pakistan would walk around him in the street, looking upon him as a vagabond and a fool. During the night he would sleep under the stars, shivering in the cold with nothing more than the newspaper for a blanket. During the day he would scratch pictures in the dirty, dusty back streets, speaking in tongues of a great time in the past, when the God Emperor walked the earth and gave greatness to Pakistan.

The Righteous

After 40 days and 40 nights as a street beggar, Drumble met Dio Eraclea a Noblemen and follower of Dioism. Eraclea had travelled the world feasting on the various vanities of humanity before arriving in Pakistan and discovering his Dioist Faith. When he cast his gaze upon Drumble, Eraclea recalled, "I saw not a beggar or a vagabond, a thief or a fool. I saw a spirit, a soul, a man who was covered in Sand as Dio Brando had been covered in Sand."

Eraclea gave Drumble food and water and weapons to protect himself against the animals of the night and the hooligans that had taken control of Pakistan. They talked by a campfire, night after night, sharing stories of their faith and how the country in which they lived had been taken over by Pig Disgusting and Swedes. They sand songs of The Book of Dio and enjoyed the company of Eracleas small Hareem.

Eraclea was so surprised by Drumbles intimate knowledge of Dio, and his understanding of the Faith that he decided to introduce him to his dear friend rainy sunday. Rainy became fond of Drumble, and shared with him the ancient scriptures. As Drumbles physical strength grew they travelled together visiting Dioist Temples in Pakistan and dreaming of a day when the Sand may return to touch all lands and Pakistan would once again lead the world and return joy in the hearts of all citizens.

Eraclea was so exhilarated by the ideas of Rainy and Drumble, and the resurgence of Dioism that he held a great banquet. Dioists from far and wide came to discuss faith and war and sex and Dio. Max McFarland 3 got incredibly drunk and sang songs of gold and loneliness, wars with Sweden, the lost people of Spain, the BroAlliance and how EMERICKA should be invaded to protect it from itself.

As the banquet came to an end, many of the invitees lay naked on the floor wrapped around each other the symbolize the profound love that Dio has for all humankind. At this point, Drumble caught the eye of a tall, elegant, sensual and somewhat aloof lady that was standing on the other side of the main hall. She was fully clothed and talking to one of the local ruffians called Didei. For a fleeting second, she caught the gaze of Drumble, and the world would never be the same again.

The Changeling

Nyx Lynx was a young rebel. Obsessed with the fundamental teachings of Dioism she had dedicated her life to changing the world for the better. The object of many a mans fixations, Nyx refused to get close to any mortal. As a small child, she had pledged herself to Dio Brando and had been touched by his hand. When Drumble and Nyx looked at each other the Power of Dio erupted across the deserts and the oceans of the world. Lions roared and small children cried and sang and danced. The Mighty Power of the God Emperor was unleashed and from this very moment they were destined to spread the word of Dio and save the world, or return to sand trying.

Nyx, Drumble, Rainy, Max, Eraclea and others spent the next weeks together, bound by their profound understanding of all that was and all that could be. They agreed that the only way to stop Pakistan from disappearing into a cesspool of debauchery, ruled by Pig Disgusting Capitalists and self-obsessed bigots, was to retake control. However, they also knew that the Swedes had infiltrated the nation, and it would be hard to get a Dioist from the Vento Aureo party elected to the Presidency.

Nyx and Drumble struck up an alliance with TheJakal to take control of the nation. It involved Drumble reinventing himself as the businessman named David J Smythe and appearing presenting his candidacy as a Capitalist Unitarian. The plan worked well, and David was elected as President of Pakistan, however, the country was broken. Citizens had lost the will to live, barely doing anything other than eating and working to stay alive. Nobody had the energy to fight, and the rat, known as kualkerr, spent his time dividing the nation. It later became known that kualkerr was as a slave of China, working to ensure that their interests in Pakistan were not damaged.

One night, David J Smythe had a dream. In that dream, the Hand of Dio caressed his face and His Voice did say unto him, "Fear not David, for I am the Truth and the Light and I speak to you from the Holy Sand in which you roamed for so long." David was calmed by the voice, for he knew his God Emperor well, "Pakistan has been corrupted by the Chinaman and the Swede. Our Holy Sands have been polluted. Sometimes, to save the forest you must burn down all of the trees. Look south. Look to the lands of India, where the Croatians have made their homes. Look there and you shall find the answer."

Lightening flashed across the sky, whales sang and dogs howled. Dio Brand had spoken. That evening, Dio Brando spoke to the people of Pakistan in a thread and said, "I am disappointed in you."

The next morning, David J Smythe gathered his government and said they must prepare for an Air Strike. Fear rang out in Sweden and India, in Spain and in Indonesia. People feared David J Smythe would attack than to make a New Pakistan for his people. However David had heard the words of the God Emperor, and once the energy had been gathered he attached Croatia. The war that emerged left Pakistan to be wiped, and the trees to become embers in a nation that had once ruled the world. David resigned from the Presidency, for his work had been done. That night he removed his Capitalist clothes and all the symbols of Pig Disgusting existence and departed to travel the world as Drumble once had. Spreading the word of Dio and connecting Dioists from across the world.