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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese
Date of birth 5th Sep 2008
Date of death 2018 (est)
Residence Logrono, La Rioja
Sex Male
Faith Anti-Dioism
Congress member of Portugal
25 February 2009 – 25 March 2009
Congress member of Philippines
25 April 2009 – 16 May 2009
Congress member of Mexico
25 May 2009 – 4 June 2009
Party president of Partido Popular Socialista
17 May 2009 – 4 June 2009
Preceded by Seache
Succeeded by Skepticus
Ambassador of Spain
12 March 2009 – 12 July 2009
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force
Aircraft rank Flight lieutenant 0.png Flight Lieutenant

Popelus was a citizen born in Spain on September 5, 2008. He was in love with iris_vk.

Popelus fought in many wars and he lived in many countries. People think he is more Portuguese than Spanish.

In Spain, he began as a member of Unión Popular Liberal, but after a few months he joined Partido Azul y Sin Orejas. He lived in Argentina a few days for fight against Brazil.

On February 5, 2009, Popelus travelled to Portugal with the intention of living there. He joined the Social Democracia Portuguesa party, and he was a presidential candidate of the party on February 14, with almost one-third of the votes. Popelus was a congressman in Norte. He left Portugal on March 28 and he went to Romania to fight for 17 days.

Between April 14 and April 21, Popelus lived in Venezuela. He was doing a TO with his friends (called "Plan Solano"), but they failed.

Then, on April 22, he went to Philippines with Jurgo Evergetes and the Secta of Guru Varnish. They dominated the country when they won the congress elections. Popelus was one of the most famous Varnishists in Philippines. They left Philippines on May 16 and he moved to Mexico.

In Mexico, he proposed as Congressman and received 6 votes in spite of that there nobody knew it. He was the party president of Partido Popular Socialista, because the previous president resigned.

On June 4 he moved to Indonesia to fight for 8 days. After that, Popelus travelled to Paraguay with some friends (verdiszno, Nina Ayu, punta, Torla...) to help to the new country. After congress elections, Popelus went to Indonesia for a fight.

On July 23 he moved to Mexico for to be a candidate in the elections of the Congress. He failed (again) and he returned to Indonesia.

On August 2, he joined R.O.F.L (Reunite on Foreign Land). He fought with ROFL in Greece against Turkey.

After that, Popelus joined Revolution Soldiers, and he travelled to Czech Republic with them.

On September 5, he celebrated his birthday. That day he travelled to Hungary looking for a better salary.

On October 21 he moved to Indonesia and he was a candidate for the Congress in the region of Shanxi. Of course, he failed and he moved to Java.

Then, on October 29, he returned to his beloved Portugal. On December 5 he was the candidate to president of Portugal for the Partido dos Parvos. They reached 123 votes, overcoming parties with more members. They were close to the victory.

Finally, after 14 months, he left the game with this article.

However, he had his account back on July 16 2010. He moved to Indonesia and he started a new life. He has been a two-clicker since then, although he sometimes goes to IRC to remember old times.

He left forever on June 2 2012. Or at least everyone thought so. He eventually comes back and stayed til mid-2018.


Popelus had a newspaper called "Popelus' Report". It had many fans, and in the magazine, he interviewed almost all important members of the Portuguese community.


Popelus had a company in Paraguay called "Casas Para-Guayos". He also had an oil company in Mexico called "Musulmanos Oil", because he bought it stealing a Morocco man.


However, Popelus is much better known as a spammer in the Spanish and Portuguese media. In Portugal he communicates with people speaking in Galician. His "pertañax" has become a symbol among the Portuguese and Spanish people. In Spain, spammer he does not usually much but when he decides to spam in an article, nothing could save him. Popelus takes part in the "Liga Pertañax Española". He is one of the fastest doing pertañax.

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