Popular Sovereignty Front

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Popular Sovereignty Front

Party-Popular Sovereignty Front.png
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation PSF
Colors Blue, Silver
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeds Brotherhood Without Banners
Succeeded By Church of The Fonz
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Popular Sovereignty Front (PSF) was a centrist party which is temporarily under the control of Congressman and Presidential Candidate Jewitt, of the USA. It was formerly known as the Brotherhood Without Banners Party and is planned to be restored to them post-Presidential elections.



The domestic views of the PSF is that of complexity and over-explanations. Through Jewitt's paper The Jewitt Report, one can investigate the views of the newspaper's articles, and in such, its editor, for their own perception. As Jewitt's campaign unravels more information will be published here.

  • To bring more fun to the USA
    • Reenacting the "Moar Wimminz" Campaign, as originated by Benn Dover
    • Expand on existing government departments, such as the Department of Education
    • Increase media activity with promotions and encouragements to the masses
  • To recognize that the USA has a diverse and large population
    • Exploit this population to come up with the "best" consensus possible on issues
    • Push for a more active population given our current size
    • Take into consideration even minority concerns as if they were of the majority
  • Stop the precedent of re-making the government at every new Presidential Election
    • Keep as many previous-Administration members as possible
    • Experience cannot be replaced overnight, and should be seen as such
    • Keep our national image high by keeping well-mannered and well-spoken politicians in government


Jewitt's foreign policies seem to be quite broad, though details are expected once the campaign unravels.

  • To bring the USA out of this "security blanket" mindset
    • Making USA more independent of ATLANTIS protection
    • Strengthening USA soldiers through supporting "Freedom" Wars
  • Support "Freedom" Wars, Covert or Overtly
    • Resistance wars or wars to reclaim native territories
  • All nations have the right to at least one prosperous region
    • All people have the right to govern themselves
    • All people have the right to a media in their language
    • All people have the right to a government with their voices projected
  • Increase trade globally, ignoring the ATLANTIS-PEACE Global Community Divide
  • Improve relations with both regional and international nations
  • Support small or neutral nations in their pursuit of economic prosperity
    • Be willing to mediate disputes between nations, small or large, independent of ATLANTIS moniker
    • Work with Congress to see about the possibility of low-interest loan programs to aid new nations that are secured


The Jewitt Report is a great tool, as the majority of articles are economy-based. Seeing past articles will give an understanding of Jewitt's tax policies. Some of them are quite simple and can be grouped as these points:

  • All Income Taxes must be flat for equality
  • Tariffs should never be set on "protectionist" pretenses
    • Domestic companies also deserve a slight protection from foreign competition
    • Tariffs are a wonderful source of government revenue as well as "buffer" room
  • VAT is an unreliable basis for revenue, but should be applied before income taxes
  • Foreign markets and exporting in general are needed for economic growth at home
    • To expand the State's Department to where Ambassadors also keep track of market conditions
  • To create an Executive Order to implement two treasury-holding entities
    • A Central Bank-like organization to be controlled by Legislative and Executive Economic Council Appointees
    • Keep or alter Fort Knox to be the President's fluid amount as well as GOLD storage

Armed Forces

Headed by running mate Kyle321n, the movement for the USA Armed Forces promotes these qualities which may be added or altered as time progresses.

  • Keep the communication between Executive and Armed Branches as clean and clear as possible
  • To promote even the newest of ranks to partake in general discussion of tactics and actions that are low-security
  • Promote the CIA's interaction with the USA Armed Forces to add a smoother level of intelligence
    • Expand the State's Department to where Ambassadors also read Media to aid in intelligence
  • To promote an ATLANTIS-free armed policy
  • To actively promote freedom to nations which have been invaded, politically taken over, or are fighting to maintain freedom