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Temple mount in Jerusalem, with the dome of the stone

Welcome to the Israeli Portal


Israel is a country in the Middle East.
It is one of the first countries to enter eRepublik in November 20th 2007. Right away to country had good relations with the United States. Israel has a history of war with Turkey, and one time declared it as Natural Enemy. It participaited in the Middle East War with Egypt, Greece, Croatia and the United Arab Emirates, against Saudi Arabia. After the Middle East War, Israel attacked the UAE. It is the official home of the Jewish people, and the only home of them in the world.

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Selected article
Israel First party served as the successor to the Shalom party and Sababa Party. It was founded around the time of the eIsraeli Communist Kibbutz Movement. The United Zionist Party would later merge into Israel first to make it the strongest party in terms of Numbers and Knesset control. It is also, the most longest living party in Israel.
Selected biography

Rheinlander von Phalz is the former President of Israel and the Commander of the Israeli Defense Forces. After seizing control of the military in December 2010, the military seized power and became the government of Israel in February 2011. He is the founder and current Party President of Integrity-Integration-Israel. He is a former Congressman and Secretary from the United States of America. The "Paladin's Honor" is his newspaper which eclectically covers political, military, economic, and opinion topics. He is possibly the most adored President of Israel, although he is not RL Israeli. (More...)

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The profile picture of Rheinlander von Phalz

Did you know?
In the Middle East War, Israel conquered 6 regions. After a quick decision, Israel released 3 regions, and was left with 3 others. From that decision, Israel grew in 8 days from 5 regions to 8 regions, by adding these next regions: Al Jawf, Northern Borders and Jizan.
Selected War
Middle Eastern War.PNG

The Middle East War is the first war of the newly added Arabs states. It started on day 1,201 of the new world (March 5th 2011), between 4 of the 5 Middle Eastern nations. Israel captured 3 regions from Saudi Arabia.

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