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Welcome to the eJapan Portal!

Japan (日本 Nihon/Nippon, officially 大日本帝国 Dai Nippon Teikoku, Great Japanese Empire).

The characters that make up Japan's name mean "sun-origin".

Japan is an island country in the Far East of Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north, to the East China Sea in the south. In relation to it's neighbours, it lies to the east of China, north of Indonesia, west of the USA, and south of Russia.

Japan is conquered by Taiwan, so Japan has no congress nor any region.

Japan is a medium-sized nation in terms of population, currently sitting at around 700.
President: Koppanyi Ferenc

Prime Minister: Geezus

Governor: Akki

Minister of Finance: Darshu

Minister of Defense: ardishabutaro

Minister of Education: Kitsune Usureki

Minister of Security: Tom Medelsvensson

Selected article
The Second War with South Korea

"On May 6, Japan declared war on South Korea, giving a list of reasons for the action, from wanting to eliminate multi's from South Korea to owing it to the country to erase it and let them start over, and also to establish "West Japan". There was Korean speculation that it was "for the lulz". See Also: Second Japan-South Korea War and War of Lulz The Japanese won the first battle. Later Japan escalated the war with the incorporation of EDEN forces, especially from Croatia. This was unneccessary as Korean strength was not enough, but it did speed up the war. South Korea then signed an MPP with Germany. The first resistance battle of the war was again a win for Japan, but two days later, they attacked three regions at once, winning all three easily in a sweeping set of victories that were hailed by newspapers on the Japanese side.; by the end of the week, they had taken the South Korean capital of Gyeonggi-do and reduce SK to two useless regions. "West Japan" had been established and a "Victory Obelisk" was erected in the former Korean capital. Resistance battles were started by Alfagrem, but it was the signing of the MPP with Russia that ended Japanese dominance in the region. Russia pushed the Japanese out rather quickly, and with numeric superiority. With Russian support, South Koreans regained the island of Jeju, becoming whole for the first time since the Theocratic war. The MPP with Russia did not come without a price; upon signing the deal, Russia was able to use Gyeonggi-do to launch an attack on the Chinese region of Shandong, altering the ongoing war over Liaoning.

The war saw the first deviation from the Righteous Nation Philosophy established by Reiji Mitsurugi. It is theorized that this was the point that the constitution of Japan ceased to be influential in politics."
Selected biography
Reiji Mitsurugi

Reiji Mitsurugi ("御剣令治") is a Congressman in the Imperial Diet of Japan, the Speaker of Congress and the Minister of Internal Affairs. He is also an entrepreneur, a nationalist philosopher, soldier, diplomat and theologian. Reiji received a grand classical education at the famous Tokyo Imperial University that included Japanese, English and Chinese language, as well as western philosophy. He then went on to explore the varied fields of Business, the Military and Journalism before moving onto Politics.

As a Congressman, Mitsurugi rapidly became one of the most visible members of the Japanese Government as he made a point of being heard on almost every issue. From military funding to welfare programs to foreign policy, the Congressman's unique style of antiquated, flowery speech could be heard in the Diet on any matter.

It was this outspoken nature, along with his unique language abilities, that saw Mitsurugi selected for important positions. Transcending party lines, Mitsurugi is one of the few members of the Government able to stay in power as Presidents change.

His crowning achievement was being the principal author of the the Constitution of the Great Japanese Empire. With this great document, Reiji has worked hard to ensure that his ideas are carried far into the future.
Selected picture
Japanese diet inside.jpg Japanese diet inside

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