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War flag of Portugal. It was never used.

The following discusses the military of Portugal


The Portuguese army (CMJP) is small army built manly to keep players from quitting the game. It's majority are players with relatively small strenght , and it's focused more on the social part of an army, and on teaching the players about the war module and how to fight effectively. Portugal in fact relies more on the two existing private armies (Pinguim Flu and Havoc Legion), that as being private they don't necessarily follow MoD's orders, but always fight in Portugal's best interest. Portugal neighbors are Spain, United States of America, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela.

Operating Method

The CMJP has several companies in which his soldiers work daily at minimum wages, creating stocks for themselves being paid later in Q3 food. In case of a mission, depending on the alert level, they can receive Q5 weapons to fight.

Ico become soldier.gifTraining

Icon-warinprogress.gif Wars

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Portugal had it's first in 23th August. More detail of this war is found here -> Ibero-American War
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