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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexican
Date of birth 03 February 2009 - Day 442
Date of death 2010
Residence Valley of Mexico, Mexico
Sex Male
Newspaper PVRiando
Congress member of Mexico
March 25 2009 – April 25
April 25 2009 – April 29 2009
President of Mexico
May 5 2009 – June 5 2009
Preceded by Dishmcds
Succeeded by Splik
Minister of Defence of Mexico
April 5 2009 – May 5 2009
Succeeded by pvr007
May 5 2009 – June 5 2009
June 5 2009 – July 5 2009
July 5 2009 – August of 2009
August 5 2009 – August 15 2009
Succeeded by Hunter07
Party president of Partido Social Democrata
Military rank Icon rank General**.png General**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Pvr007 was a citizen of Mexico.


 I am PVR. I am the Watcher of Mexico. I am here to engage in combat anyone who threats my country, my people or my friends. 
(PVR the Battle Shadow)

PVR son of Dhoo, whom citizens feared as prophet and visionary. Also known as el pvr, the shadow of Mexico but he has been mostly called The white Servant of Mexico, is a Mexican Worrier, historian, diplomat, ALA tank and politician, who would later become Congress member, Party president of the Partido Social Democrata, Minister of Defense, Minister of Economy, President of Mexico, Ambassador of Indonesia, Admin of the [hecm.edumootle.com Oficial Univercity of Military Strategy of eMexico], Admin of the [psd.forumactivo.com Official Forum of the PSD], he also has been acknowledge as member of the ALA, PEACE Global Community and Entente.

 PVR is the Mexico's most active member of the new world 
(Zammuel from Pakistan)

He is one of the most controversial, influential and important figures in the history of Mexico. It was under his own rule that the State of Mexico defended against the Spanish invasion of Oaxaca and created the GAFE Special Unit and signed the AHA Charter

 He is the defender of Mexicans in the erepublik forum 
(Dekona Rodriguez from Malaysia)

PVR is one of Mexicos oldest Members, but one of the least recognized. He is mostly known for his bad spelling and his political ideas, he represents Mexico everywhere he goes and tried to get people to recognize how great Mexico is.

Early life.

 The second most popular Mexican in eRepublik. 
(Vicopolis from Mexico)

PVR is known to be born on day 442, a Tuesday night when a visionary member of the Mexican community was born. He was first greeted by Dhoo of Mexico and then by Lupe, one of his later best friends

PVR was welcomed to this world by most of the erepublik community, pvr came to Mexico with a bad taste to his mouth, he came right when the polish invasion of Mexico was going true, PVR tried to do the most he could but as a new born there wasn't much he could do

The Path as a Politician.

PVR was elected into congress in march and he was to become a member and witness to the Polish invasion, but PVR stood out for he had the guts to stand up and act against them, even though he lost PVR became to be known for his Strength and for not giving up

PVR then was elected into his second term as congressman but for Military emergency he had to leave the congress and never to come back as one, but as a great hero. After showing the people of his talents PVR was elected President and like many elections he had no support but for one person, Dhoo. Dhoo and PVR where the two that planed and defended everyone from Spain and arranged for PEACE support, if it hadn't been for them two Mexico might be known as Hispaniola

Military Career.

 A great Warrior and a Hero of Mexico. 
(Benito_Camelas from Colombia)
  • Military rank: Field Marshal (in V1)
  • Strength: 21
  • Fights: 1292
  • Total damage: 100000/ 500000
  • Military achievements:
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 16x Super Soldier


PVR leaves only one thing behind and that is good wishes to everyone, know with Mexico he stands and awaits for any threat to its sovereignty and ready to defend.

PVR reputation was smeared when he was trying to help out the helpless. PVR has been the one who founded CRM and SSM, Both are now gone but PVR will be remembered, for good or for bad he will be. Also PVR will be known for his just causes and his way of thinking, a liberalness and a free minder PVR fights for those who cant for themselves. He is still active and now working to make Mexico a great Nation like he always had. Many people might not even know to a certain extent on how much PVR has given for Mexico, right now PVR has a total of no money and no companies, thought history PVR has funded and given his money for the great of his Country, Mexico. He will not ask for any thanks or any recognition for he did all of this not to get one, but to help out those who needed it the most, and all he wants is to see new members of his great community grow and become powerful and great players of Erepublik.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x10)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x7)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x2)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x16)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x3)
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