Republican Liberty Caucus

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation RLC
Forum [1]
Colors Red and Blue
Founded June 2012
Dissolved December 2012 (est)
President Chickensguys
Members 621
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeded By We The People
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Republican Liberty Caucus was formed shortly after the June, 2012 Country Presidential Elections. It consisted of the Republican Party and the former Libertarian Party, then known as the USMJ, and merged in to the Repulican Liberty Caucus.

This party is notable for being very independent minded and being the only one in the top five to stand against the elites within the eUSA. While chickensguys and Ronald Gipper Reagan are the Co-Founders and are seen as the party elders, the RLC prides itself on empowering its members, and in making the eUSA a stronger and freer place.

In the July, 2012 Congressional Elections, the RLC shocked the political world by essentially tying the USWP & AMP and cementing its place among the top three parties in the country in every way. This came off of a Presidential Election earlier in the month in which the party came just a few percentage points short of returning GloveisLove to the White House, despite being opposed by the USWP, AMP, & FEDS.

State where the party wins in Congress (May 25 2012 to June 24 2012)