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S.Ribeiro is a Icon-Portugal.png Portuguese citizen, born on the 19th of May, 2010. Under the guidance of Alexandre N Skromov, he stayed incognito for the first months of his life, trying to understand how the game works, quickly becoming interested in the International Situation at the time (Phoenix VS EDEN), well represented by the Media Module.

He grew up reading the high-quality articles written by his fellow countryman Barbinhas. As soon as he became ready, and aware of the world that surrounded him, he founded his trademark The Global Moustache newspaper, bringing to the Portuguese people well drafted and updated descriptions of the political and international situation. Soon, his newspaper would grow in reputation and he would post articles all over Phoenix countries, expanding his network of friends and important contacts. He never got involved in Portuguese Politics until the mandates by Lucifel, where he served under him as the Vice-Minister of Social Development, posting his articles under Government Organizations and newspapers. His most famous article in Portugal, perhaps, was the Declaration of the Portuguese Empire, written when Portugal conquered Venezuela and forced Mexico into an humiliating Peace treaty.

As Portugal became a member of EDEN, he would join the EDEN Media Team, at the time under Wallachian, quickly rising to the point of entering EDEN HQ weeks later. Then he would go on to replace a resigned Wallachian, as the Interim Public Relations of the Brotherhood. This would not last long though, as he announced his resignation due to divergences with some of the alliance’s policies. However, his short stayed has already earned him the nickname of "The Spokesman of EDEN", especially used by his enemies.

Right now he lives in ePortugal, trying to help the development of the country with his articles, by uniting the Portuguese population to common goals, through his articles at The Global Moustache. For quite some time, all of these articles have achieved, in only a few hours. the top spot on the most voted articles in Portuguese Media.

In spite of never having been President, or holder of any important Political rank inside Portugal, he was elected the 3rd best Portuguese by an internal voting, along with the 5th best writer in eRepublik.