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The SFP Young Socialists was a party program run by the Socialist Freedom Party.

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The program was started by Spade.

The Young Socialists was a program to get players who could not yet join the SFP in game involved in the activities and culture of the Socialist Freedom Party. Young Socialists were considered full members of the party even though they had not yet attained the level required to officially join. As such, they are able to vote in party primaries and other decisions that affected the direction of the SFP.

Additionally, there were several programs that Young Socialists could take advantage of. The Socialist Freedom Party provided food for new members who required it and gifts for Young Socialists who need to get back above 40 wellness to participate in war games. Full members of the Socialist Freedom Party also work hard towards mentoring new players with regards to learning game mechanics and catching up on New World history.

The program went through various highs and lows. Osmany Ramon held the position of "Directer of the Young Socialists" before becoming Party President. Mark Valshannar also headed the program during Ramon's presidency. This position allowed him to gain favor with newer members and allowed him to easily succeed Ramon as PP.

rainy sunday was also the program's directer at some point. Her reign is usually remembered as the most productive.

Over time the need for this program lessened as new players were able to officially join the in game more quickly. The SFP community gradually viewed it as their role to educate new players together, instead of placing the burden on one member.

Mark Valshannar officially did away with the program in 2011, after months of inactivity.