Saddam Hussein

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Saddam Hussein

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth Day 374 of the New World - November 28, 2008
Date of death September 30, 2009
Residence Alberta, Canada
Sex Male
Congress member of Australia
26 February 2009 – 25 March 2009
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png [[Military rank|Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel]]
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Saddam Hussein was born on November 28, 2008 in Jerusalem district, Israel. During his long life he moved a lot - he visited Australia and Canada. Canadians discovered his death on September 2009. Saddam Hussein was founder of the United Nation organization, a member of Australian Congress and Press director of The Jerusalem Post.


Saddam Hussein also earned following achievements during his life:

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 9x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 1x Congress Member
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 1x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 2x Super Soldier