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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 11 March 2009 - Day 477
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence New South Wales
Deputy Minister of Industry of Australia
15 May 2009 – 14 June 2009
Preceded by Aussie Vegeta
Succeeded by Scorpion Stinger
Minister of Industry of Australia
15 June 2009 – 6 October 2009
Preceded by Aussie Vegeta
Succeeded by DARK VORODOR
Congress member of Australia
June 2009 – October 2009
Party president of True Blue Party
16 November 2009 – 15 December 2009
Preceded by TheBlackAdder
Succeeded by Mark Sanchez
Military unit Australia
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Santic was a citizen of Australia.

The Beginning

Born on day 477 of the world has done a lot since first coming onto the eRepublik scene. He first joined due to a friend commenting on eRepublik and suggesting he get involved.
His first job was working for Julia Perez Diamonds. After working for a few days there, he searched for a better job and joined Furntech Grain. He quickly established himself as a hard worker. He has now achieved 3 hard worker medals and hasn't once missed a day of work since starting his life in eRepublik.

Introduction to Politics

After living in Australia for awhile and going through the 2 clicks a day, he realized he wanted to do more in the community. He had already joined the forums and started to read as much as he could about the senate and what it involved. He joined the newly created True Blue Party TBP merely because he liked the name. After learning even more about the party he realized it is where his beliefs layed and he quickly got to work becoming as active as he could in the forums, trying to get as many people participating as possible.

Cabinet Positions

In June 2009, Santic had his first experience of being a member of Cabinet, as Deputy Minister of Industry. In July and August 2009, Santic was co-Minister of Industry, with a different co-Minister each time. In August 2009, Santic was Minister of Industry in his own right, and he yet again served with distinction.

Starting a business

After many discussions with corny-ratbag about the party and the need to own a company and the challenges it would need, he eventually decided to start an Organization. C.B.S.P Organization was opened and he entered in a partnership with his good friend Edmonton. They owned a Q2 Grain company.

True Blue Party

After joining TBP and getting a good introduction to politics, Santic put up his name for the Senate. He missed out, after redirecting his vote to others and sacrificing himself, so that others may get into the senate. Next month after his continued activities, he put his hand up once more for the Senate and this time was voted in easily in the state of Queensland.


Santic had always been interested in the military, and as soon as he was able, he put his name up for the reserves. After a complete reshuffle with the army, Santic joined the newly created Koalas. After a commander election in which he captured 45% of the vote, he was judged to lead the best landlocked players in the country. He also decided to nickname his group (Section Echo) to the now famous and legendary Full Sick Chk Chk Boom Boys. He become commander on June 5, 2009.
This group has captured the imagination of Australia as it is by far the sexiest name of any military company out there and is the greatest squad properbly in existance.
Santic also commands section Bravo in ACAR since June 1, 2009.