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Nationality Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese
National rank 439
Date of birth Mar 05, 2014
Date of death End of 2016 (est)
Residence Madeira
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal
May 2014 – June 2014
Congressman of Portugal
April 2014 – May 2014
Congressman of Armenia
May 2014 – July 2014
Director of Embassies of Portugal
March 2014 – April 2014
Prime Minister of Armenia
May 2014 – July 2014
State Councillor of Portugal
State Councillor of Armenia
July 2014 – 2014
Deputy Speaker of Armenia
May – June 2014
Military rank Icon rank General**.png General**
Aircraft rank Senior airman 5.png Senior Airman*****

Life and Ethical Journey

Sar.Windsor, officially born in March 2014, but unofficially since September 2008. Since the beginning that Windsor has shown to have initiative and capacity of leadership. Therefore quickly assumed a position of prominence in the public life of the country. During his career, he defended equal treatment between levels of experience, and demonstrated behaviour against those who have shown not to have principles.

This citizen has been awarded with the People's Commendation for Valuable Service by the ePT Honour Committee.


Sar.Windsor proved to be a remarkable person, and as such in order to reward him modestly the Committee of honor honored him by attribute the Degree of Commendatore of the Order of People's Commendation for Valuable Service.


Windsor beyond the prominent political prestige has obtained also through the military area, was the founder and responsible for the nationalization of the Army of the R. of Armenia. He ended his career as a member of F.A.Portuguesas.

In order to compensate him for his services to the state was attributed to him 'Officer of the Portuguese Republic (OPR) by the ePT Honour Committee:

This citizen has been awarded the Officer of the Portuguese Republic (OPR) by the ePT Honour Committee.


Sar.Windsor was active in the politics, he served in several different Congresses and also active in the party politics. Sar.Windsor party positions include: