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Icon-Canada.png Canada

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Saskatchewan
Map of the region
Capital Regina
Residents 24
Visitors 81
Language English, French
Moving zone A1
Resource None

Last update: December 29, 2018

Saskatchewan is a region in Canada and its capital is Regina.


That region was occupied by France on July 23 200?[?] and then ceded to the United Kingdom on July 30 200?[?] and finally ceded to Hungary on July 31 200?[?] as part of strategic maneuvers during the PEACE Global Community's advancement on the continent during the Summer of 2009. It has since been returned to Canada.


Saskatchewan is neighbored by the following regions:


V1 V2 Nov 2010 – Feb 2015 Feb 2015 – Jun 2016 Since Jun 2016
Icon - Grain.png Grain High.jpg
Icon - Wood.png Wood Medium.jpg
Icon - Grain.png Grain High.jpg
Icon - Stone.png Stone Medium.jpg
Icon - Cattle.png Cattle  ? no resource


Term Mayor Party
Jan 08 ROMMEL_HSQ Canadian Paradox Party
May 08 Congo Jack The Norsefire Party of Canada
Jun 08 Congo Jack The Norsefire Party of Canada
Jul 08 Congo Jack The Norsefire Party of Canada
Aug 08 Darth cronos Canadian Social Democrats
Sep 08 David Eastcorner Canadian Social Democrats
  • The position of mayor only existed during the original beta phase of eRepublik.