Second Indonesia–Philippines War

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Second Indonesia–Philippines War
Map of Second Indonesia–Philippines War
Date 19 March 2012 (Day 1581)
1 July 2012 (Day 1685)
Location Southeast AsiaColombia
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia

Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico

Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines

Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore
Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombia
Flag-China.jpg China

Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Indonesia.jpg kambink pemburu
(March 2012)

Flag-Indonesia.jpg silfumus02
(April 2012)
Flag-Indonesia.jpg cimporong
(May 2012)
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Canester
(June 2012)

Flag-Philippines.jpg Mr aNiallator
(March 2012)

Flag-Philippines.jpg Eldarion Sionnodel
(April 2012)
Flag-Philippines.jpg Paul Delos Santos
(May 2012)
Flag-Philippines.jpg J Grey
(June 2012)

Flag-Malaysia.jpg Wingman Hamallee
(March 2012)
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Linkinstile
(April 2012)
Flag-Colombia.jpg warzilla
(May 2012)
Flag-China.jpg Atracurium
(May 2012)

The Second Indonesia–Philippines War (Filipino: Ikalawang Digmaang Indonesia–Pilipinas; Indonesian: Perang Indonesia–Filipina Kedua) was the second war fought between Indonesia and the Philippines.



Indonesian occupation of Malaysia

On Day 1581, Indonesia conquered Sabah from Malaysia. This was followed by Sarawak on Day 1583 and Peninsular Malaysia on Day 1584. On Day 1587, Peninsular Malaysia was freed. On day 1589, Sarawak was also freed but Singapore's Singapore City was captured.

Indienesian Empire

Since Malaysia is a long-time ally and friend of Philippines, they proposed Indonesia as natural enemy on Day 1588 which was accepted a day after with a vote of 32-7.[1] On Day 1590, Philippines won their first campaign in Sulawesi. This was followed by victories in Maluku islands on Day 1591 and in Papua on Day 1592. During this period, Philippines has seven territories which then-President Mr aNiallator termed as Indienesian Empire.[2]

Indonesian occupation of the Philippines

However, this is short-lived. We only won those campaigns because Indonesia is busy reconquering Peninsular Malaysia, reconquered on Day 1591 and Sarawak, reconquered on Day 1592. They won the Sulawesi Resistance War on the same day. This was followed by victory in the Maluku islands and Papua Resistance Wars on Day 1593. But they didn't stop there, they conquered Mindanao on Day 1594, Palawan on Day 1595 and Visayas on Day 1596. Finally, Luzon was conquered on Day 1598, the same day as the presidential elections where Eldarion Sionnodel won.

Indonesia–Malaysia Peace Agreement

Malaysian President Linkinstile asserted a neutral policy and wanted to end the war against Indonesia.[3] On Day 1609, Malaysia signed a peace treaty with Indonesia to free Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak in exchange for Sabah.[4] Sarawak was freed on Day 1611 and Peninsular Malaysia on Day 1612. Since all the Philippine regions are still under Indonesia on Day 1618, no congress election was held resulting to the second month in Philippine History with no congress.

Indonesian expansion to South America

On Day 1623, Indonesia expanded to South America by passing through Visayas to conquer Colombia's Pacifica. They also conquered Andina on Day 1624 and Orinoquia on Day 1625. Colombia's forces regained Andina on Day 1628 and Orinoquia on Day 1629. On Day 1631, Singapore City was freed but Caribe e Insular was conquered by Indonesia. Andina was again conquered on day 1632.

Chinese assistance to liberate the Philippines

After more than a month of hopeless Resistance wars, on Day 1628, Philippines elected Paul Delos Santos again as their President. Paul Delos Santos asked help from his Chinese friends to free the Philippines. On Day 1632, Palawan was finally reconquered by the Philippines. On Day 1633, China conquered Luzon from Indonesia and Mindanao was gained back by the Philippines. On day 1634, China conquered Visayas from Indonesia. On day 1635, China conquered Pacifica from Indonesia and Colombia's Resistance force freed Caribe e Insular. On day 1636, China also conquered Andina. On Day 1637, China ceded Visayas back to the Philippines and Pacifica back to Colombia. On Day 1638, China ceded Luzon back to the Philippines.

Final battles

On Day 1637, Philippines was proposed by Indonesia again to be a Natural Enemy which was reciprocated by the Philippines an hour after. Both passed the next day and Indonesia conquered Mindanao again on Day 1639, Visayas again on Day 1640, Luzon again on Day 1641 and Palawan again on Day 1642. On Day 1643, with everything they have, the Philippines gained Luzon back followed by Palawan on day 1644. After a lot more attempts, they finally gained Mindanao back on Day 1663.

On Day 1666, Philippines was again proposed as Natural Enemy by Indonesia which was again reciprocated by the Philippines, both passing a day after. On Day 1668, Mindanao was recaptured by Indonesia again followed by Palawan on Day 1669 followed by Luzon on Day 1670. Fortunately, Visayas was reconquered by the Philippines on Day 1672.

After 10 days of failed resistance wars, the Philippine Ministry of Defense started a new strategy. On Day 1682, Philippines proposed Indonesia as Natural Enemy which passed the next day. Palawan was then reclaimed on Day 1684, then Mindanao on Day 1685.


May 01, 2012


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