Silmido 684 Unit

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Silmido 684 Unit

Silmido 684 Unit.jpg

Go~ North Korea!

General Information
Country Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea
Total Soldiers 50
Commanded by Meteo rain
3rd Regiment Captain posikine
6th Regiment Captain gunbread

  • Silmido 684 Unit was a very active Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korean military unit. Sometime in 2016 its influence started to drop by and in April 2017 it was noted that whole chain of command was dead.

Icon-politics-mic-home.gif Commander

Year Month Commander Note Dept.
2011 Jul Grease Icon-South Korea.png Pending approval Neutral
2011 Aug Jinoism Icon-South Korea.png Approval

(Country Noob Army)

2011 Sep isforever Icon-South Korea.png Neutral
2011 Oct isforever Icon-South Korea.png (Pro)ONE
2011 Nov isforever Icon-South Korea.png (Pro)ONE
2011 Dec yang1988 Icon-South Korea.png Declared (Independent Army) (Pro)ONE
2012 Jan (est) Dokabi Icon-South Korea.png Unknown
2014 July dimthreesum19 Icon-South Korea.png Unknown
2017 April Meteo rain Icon-South Korea.png Unknown

Icon-military-mic-home.gif Other notable soldiers

Icon-pact.gif Friendly Army

  • This information is a subjective opinion.
No. Army Location Commander Note State
1 Republic of Korea Armed Forces Icon-South Korea.png isforever Domestic relations Active
2 Lazokrasi Icon-Turkey.png Mamado Military cooperation Closed (EDEN)
3 PanzeR Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png GoodBeer Military cooperation Active
4 South Korea Boot Camp Icon-South Korea.png Core Orders Support Newbies Army Closed