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The following is the party platform of the Socialist Freedom Party of the United States of America.

Economic Policies


The eUnited States economy has faced crises brought on by irresponsible so-called laissez-faire policies of past and present Presidents and Congress. While those in power are hesitant to change the tax rates for fear of impeding the free market, they do not hesitate to initiate prolonged war games with Mexico and Ireland, which can effect the market just as much as changes to the tax rates. Now, as the wood, food and housing markets begin to decline, Congress rallies under the banner of "Stay the Course!"

The Socialist Freedom Party will not hesitate to use all of the tools available to government to ensure that the market stays stable. In this economic crisis, we advocate lowering income taxes and VAT in the industries affected by war games. This will ensure that those who have invested money and time building skills in these industries will be able to afford the means of subsistence.

The Socialist Freedom Party will keep Value-Added Taxes (VAT) to a minimum. VAT is a sales tax on manufactured goods such as food, weapons, tickets, gifts, and houses. These are the products that citizens purchase and companies do not. A high VAT has a disproportionately negative effect on the poorest among us. When taxes must be raised, to support war efforts or other projects that the eUnited States takes on, it will be the income taxes that are raised before we ever touch the Value Added Taxes. Let all eAmericans contribute to the building of our nation in proportion to their means!

Public Sector Manufacturing

The eUnited States government does not currently have the built-in tools necessary to full regulate the economy. In times of crises, changing tax rates may not be enough to turn the ship of commerce around.

The Socialist Freedom Party will work towards creating an extensive public sector manufacturing apparatus. These government-owned corporations will serve 3 purposes:

  1. They will give the government another tool for regulating the economy as goods can be released into the markets as needed to keep prices down,
  2. They will provide employment for low skill workers at salaries that will sustain new citizens in eAmerica, and
  3. They will provide cheap weapons to the citizenry of the eUnited States in the case of an invasion of the homeland.

Government Accountability

Legislative Voting Records

The public has been wrestling with the issue of transparency in the government for some time and while some strides have been made to make government more accessible to the citizenry, not enough has been done to ensure the public trust and eliminate corruption.

The Socialist Freedom Party advocates for the creation of the Congressional Daily managed by an appointed member of Congress for the purposes of publishing a daily record of the votes cast by the President and individual members of Congress. Only when we are able to see how our elected officials conduct business will we be able to hold them accountable.

Budget Reporting

The eUnited States government, in order to be more efficient and able to respond to emergencies, requires various departments, agencies and a military structure. To keep the wheels of government constantly turning, money is disbursed from the treasury and distributed to various organizations, which by the nature of the New World we live in, are accountable to no one. Once gold is appropriated to the Congressional Budget Office, it is entrusted to a few appointed people to spend it as it was intended. The government must make reforms to ensure that we do not have a repeat of the Navy II scandal.

The Socialist Freedom Party would like to see reforms enacted that will put an end to theft of public funds including the publishing of budgets from every department, agency and branch of the military that receives public money. This will allow watch dog groups to more easily track the flow of money and expose corruption in the government and allow American citizens to see how the government spends tax dollars. We would also like to see rules in place to bar those who have been involved in the theft of funds from participation in eAmerican governance.

Foreign Policy


In the power vacuum left by the crumbling of ATLANTIS, it is more important than ever that the eUnited States step forth and be a leader in opposing the spread of PEACE throughout the New World. eAmericans tend to be isolated by geography from the hardships faced by nations under the thumb of eIndonesia and the emergence of an eHungarian Empire. Our relative safety must not be cause for apathy towards our brothers and sisters in arms who are on the front lines of the battle against imperialism!

The Socialist Freedom Party will work towards forging new international alliances to oppose eIndonesian and eHungarian aggression around the New World and send a message to their several allies that the United States will not tolerate their opportunism and that their actions will have consequences. We will ensure that no matter where the battles are taking place, the eUS Military will be there to contain the PEACE menace. We will support resistance wars throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa and we will work to ensure that regions that are recaptured from the hands of the enemy are returned to their native nations in a reasonable time frame.


Spain is one of the United States’ most important allies in the fight against PEACE. If we are going to even stand a chance against the forces of PEACE, we must do what we can to ensure the safety of Spain on the battlefield as well as in the Spanish Halls of Government.

The Socialist Freedom Party will work with top Spanish officials on forming a strong bond between our nations. We will work to ensure that we are aware of Spanish national security issues early and provide any and all assistance possible to protect Spain from invasion and political take over.


The crumbling of ATLANTIS was brought about by two things: The defeat of Romania in Russia in the War of Day 541 and Sweden’s aggression towards Germany. Neutrality is never an option when one nation threatens and then invades another simply for resources. The eUnited States could have done more for Sweden to help them increase their access to grain such as subsidizing import licenses for American companies to export their products to Sweden. It is unfortunate that the current administration did not pursue better diplomatic and trade avenues to help our once revered ally. The most egregious mistake on the part of President Scrabman was to remain neutral when Sweden and Poland set foot on German soil. Even more shameful, the eUS Congress rejected a peace treaty with Germany and President Scrabman has proposed to end the war with Sweden!

The Socialist Freedom Party will oppose empire building everywhere in the world by any nation, including our supposed allies. The alliance that will be forged in this new age will be based on the principle of self-governance and autonomy for all nations of the New World. Neutrality in the face of imperialism is tantamount to giving aid and comfort to the enemy and we must not become that which we despise in the world. If the eUnited States is to once again become a beacon of liberty and freedom in the world, then it will be the result of our actions and not our words.


The struggle of the working class in all countries rises above the struggles of particular nations in the New World. Workers in both ATLANTIS and PEACE are pitted against one another in wars that they had no part in starting. This energy could be better put to use on exploring alternatives to the exploitative labor system under which the workers of the world suffer.

The Socialist Freedom Party will continue to work with international far-left parties through l’Internationale to transcend the ATLANTIS v. PEACE conflict. Our representatives in l'Internationale will work with our brothers and sisters in the socialist movement and forge a brighter future for the working class.

Strength in Solidarity!