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Srachit's pages

Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth October 23, 2008
Date of death N/A
Residence California, USA
Sex Male
NHS Director of London
Minister of Foreign Affairs of India
Manager of Indian Government Bank of India
Preceded by Ipnotik
Succeeded by Didio
Minister of Defence of India
Party president of India First
16 December 2008 – 15 January 2009
Preceded by BroodRoosterNL
Succeeded by dionysus
President of India
6 January 2009 – 5 February 2009
Preceded by Lautar0
Succeeded by dionysus
6 August 2013 – 5 September 2013
Preceded by Uv Ajed
Succeeded by ShockWavve
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early life

srachit was born in London, UK in October 2008 as, at that time, his country India was occupied by Pakistan.

In the UK he joined the forums and made many friends and started his own paper The Millennium News to let the world know about him and his ideas/proposals.


srachit supported Indian Independence strongly. He helped fund the independence wars and after India regained independence he was one of the founders of a political party Indian National Congress. He also was an initiator to the Indian Government Bank.

Just before presidential elections in December 2008 he was disappointed with the course of his party INC and he was disappointed that they didn't have India in their interests but instead, they had Italy in their interests, so he joined India First. He became party president of this party at the next elections with the support of the founding members of this party. Since then he has achieved a lot in the field of politics.

NHS Director of London

One of the first things that Srachit ever did was to become NHS director of London. He held this post for about a week before he had to go to Pakistan held Indian region as Srachit had planned a resistance which was about to start.

Minister of Economy

Srachit at one point of time held the position of minister of economy of India. He started off with Icon - Gold.gif 0 GOLD but when he left office there was more then Icon - Gold.gif 100 GOLD in the bank.

Minister of Defense

Srachit was the first Minister of Defense and he formed the Indian Army.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

At another point of time, Srachit was the Minister of Foreign Affairs for India. This was one of his favorite postings as he liked talking terms and such things with other countries and as this job gave him a chance to be recognized by the new world.

President of India

On the 5th of January 2009, srachit was elected into office as the President of India. He is the first real life Indian to take the position of President of India. He brought many reforms to India and put in place the first running and proper Indian government.

The following are his accomplishments:

  1. India finally became active
  2. India got its first active ministerial team
  3. The Indian Army was created
  4. India became economically stable
  5. India was finally united for the same cause, i.e India's development
  6. India's forums became active
  7. Congress was renamed to Lok Sabha
  8. Taxes we're changed for the better of India
  9. Peace was brought between India and Iran
  10. Diplomatic relations with other countries we're established

Many more things were done that cannot be mentioned here.

Minister of Internal Affairs India

Under the presidency of BroodRoosterNL, Srachit was selected to be the Minister of Internal Affairs. In this position, he didn't do a lot because of real life taking away his time, but the time he got for the game he spent in helping the ministry. He wrote a very informative article which helped all the newcomers in understanding India and the game better, he also worked out a Wellness plan which was put into work under the next Minister of Internal Affairs.

Economic History

Eurasian Holdings

Eurasian Holdings was started on 24th June 2009. It was run by Srachit, Jack Harris, Malta_1990 and Vinners. The organization was valued at more then Icon - Gold.gif 1000 GOLD and it spanned over 2 continents. It was Srachit's dream to be in a partnership with others and this dream came true during a chat he was having with Vinners where he proposed this idea of his to Vinners. After 3-4 months of running Eurasian Holdings came to an end with each member leaving because of personal regions.

This organization was later owned by Atomic Group of Industries.

Atomic Group of Industries

Atomic Group of Industries was started by srachit and Akash Verma. It was valued at Icon - Gold.gif 1100+ GOLD.


  • NHS director of London
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of India
  • Minister of Economy of India
  • Minister of Defense of India
  • Congressman of India
  • President of India
  • Winner of a Boblo Award.
  • Winner of Bharat Ratna.
  • Congressman UK
  • Paratrooper
  • Founder and Shareholder of Eurasian Holdings
  • Founder and Shareholder of Atomic Group of Industries
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs UK
  • Minister of Expansion India
  • Minister of Internal Affairs India

Military History

Srachit has been involved in many wars during the one year that he has been in eRepublik. He has fought all over the world from the US to India. His favourite battles are the Resistance for Northern India and Resistance for Orissa where he for the first time was in command of an operation. He has been in many armed groups from the United Kingdom Special Forces to the Black Cats of India and mercenary groups like Azad Hind Fauj. At the end he become a soldier in eUS Military.