Swedish Air Force

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General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Total Soldiers 58
Commanded by Lejonet
2nd Commander Thomas82karlsson

Swedish Air Force is a Military Unit that started in Sweden, founded by the Swedish citizens Lejonet and Thomas82Karlsson. When it was created it was called Svensk Soldat but it changed its name to the current one in November 2016. The Military Unit has been one of the most active private Units in Sweden and has always had a very loyal community. It was one of the private Military Units that got orders and financing directly from the Swedish Government and Military, but a very large part of their funds have came from their two leaders. Through many different projects they have helped their member in different ways, for exemple by financing Training Ground upgrades for their newer members.

After the release of the Air Battle module, most of the members decided to focus on air and as a result they decided to change the name on the MU.

SAF Wall of Fame

As of June 14, 2017:

Member SH-Medals
Thomas82Karlsson 96
Lejonet 87
jimcar 11
Chippen Ante 10
jontexd 7
Zudden 2
REDnation 1
Hendjin 1
Cpt Snake Plssken 1
Bollinger 1
Acreteq 1